Enhanced data security is a key to building strong business model and preventing a row of serious safely concerns. To help businesses and individuals browse more confidently and communicate anonymously without worrying about data leakage, Privatoria has developed a product that fills all the security gaps with reliable solutions.

More and more complex malware and spyware is emerging on a daily basis, which means that dealing with them requires advanced approaches and techniques. Unlike traditional security software solutions available on the market today, Privatoria’s product uses a complex approach towards protecting your privacy.

Thus, the product includes the following solutions:

The company was founded in 2013. Privatoria’s team has 10-year experience in IT, especially in Internet security.

Privatoria’s services have a patent for utility model No.85414 “Confidential data transmission method” of 25.11.2013.

Privatoria is a service that allows a truly anonymous communication on the Internet. Our mission is to uphold the right for privacy, which is guaranteed by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Why don’t you try our product yourself for free? Get your free trial and see how effectively it protects your data and prevents malicious spyware from breaking into your system. Should you have any questions about additional product features, please contact our support to get all the necessary information and further assistance.

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