Privatoria is an online service that secures web surfing protection and web traffic encryption.

A matter-of-course question may arise why an ordinary web user, not a secret agent, might need traffic encryption for? Today, we spend most of our time online, undertaking various actions without thinking about due protection. Just like offline actions, online ones may involve significant risks for your money, dear people, your health and wellbeing, etc.

More and more complex malware and spyware is emerging on a daily basis, which means that dealing with them requires advanced approaches and techniques. Unlike traditional security software solutions available on the market today, Privatoria’s product uses a complex approach towards protecting your privacy.

Privatoria offers the following solutions:

Privatoria is a service that allows a truly anonymous communication on the Internet. Our mission is to uphold the right for privacy, which is guaranteed by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

“No data mining” is the motto of the company that can be observed in every service and activity. Privatoria guarantees no traffic logs, no governmental backdoors, and no storage of users’ data for third parties. Transparent refund policy and independent secure payment gateways ensure security of transactions and financial guarantees.

Why don’t you try our product yourself for free?

If you haven’t made up your mind yet and want to test a new service, Privatoria offers regular discounts and trial period ( 7-day-free trial).

Should you have any questions about additional product features, please contact our support to get all the necessary information and further assistance.

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