Privatoria cooperates closely with a number of security providers to maximize customer protection in the web and make sure they feel safer. One of the technologies that we’ve been successfully applying for years is AES.

The Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) is a special electronic data encryption technology used for protecting sensitive and confidential information, like commercial transactions or personal files. The technology was established in 2001 by the US National Institute of Standards and Technology. After being adopted by the US, it now also operates on a global scale and protects sensitive data from abusers.

The algorithm applied by AES works in a following way: all the sensitive data transfer gateways are evaluated and analyzed to fully until all the customer’s requirements are understood. Afterwards, symmetric key encryption is used, which means that the data are encrypted and decrypted with the help of the same key.

Thus, AES contributes significantly into the way we deal with all the security concerns of our customers. With such a reliable and solid business partner we are empowered to deliver better service and streamline security of businesses and individuals all over the world. It’s needless to say that when it comes to security and data protection, powerful solutions need to be implemented. That’s why here at Privatoria, we entrust the security of our clients only to reliable security system providers, such as AES. As a result, high level protection and boosted confidence make our clients sure they can browse, store and transfer data without the fear of wiretapping, interception or even further harassment.

Privatoria’s team is encouraging you to try out the performance of AES technologies by making use of a demo trial available for free.

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