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Business communication is mostly done through email. Important business data, confidential files should all be sent safely and securely to avoid disclosure. Stolen data, modified files, information used against you can harm your business reputation or reveal some confidential information about you.

How to Send an Anonymous E-mail and Stay Protected? offers Secure E-mail service that enables users to get secure e-mail encryption so that no one could get an access to their files and messages. You can also change your IP to send anonymous e-mail and be sure no one could track you. Entrust your business to secure e-mail providers as data leakage could have dreadful consequences.

Key Benefits of Secure E-mail Communication:

  • The service is delivered using e-mail encryption
  • You access the mailbox through web interface
  • No need to install additional programs and update them
  • No special expertise or technical skills required
  • It will take you only a few seconds to create a mailbox
  • User-friendly and intuitive interface will allow even the least tech-savvy users to set up an account and use it.

Using our Anonymous E-mail is the most reliable way to protect your valuable data from the dreadful impact of malware and spyware wandering across the web.

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