Often, one needs to browse anonymously, so that no one could track the IP address? In this case, anonymous proxy will help you acquire secure IP and surf anonymously. It’s needless to say that IP changer can really make a difference into the way you surf the net and thus give you more confident browsing experience.

How Proxy Server Can Help You Feel Safer?

Privatoria has developed a “hide-my-ip” service that enables users to change IP and benefit from anonymous surf. It is now easy to become invisible to anyone who is trying to track yours.

Our IP hider solution is built on proxy technology that prevents websites, message services, e-mails or other IP-communication services from recognizing your real IP address. With our proxy anonymous service, your real geographical location, IP address or browser version will be left unknown. It’s good proxy solution for Youtube, Facebook and any of your favorite sites.

Key Benefits of Anonymous IP Use:

  • No technical expertise is required to get your IP changed. Just enter your anonymous and unique login and password that have been randomly generated for you and then press the “Create Proxy Access” button.
  • You don’t need to enter any personal information.
  • When you have some access restrictions because of your regional location, or some restrictions within public entities, Privatoria will help you deal with it by hiding your IP and enabling anonymous surf.
  • By using anonymous IP, you will protect your personal passwords, bank account and credit card details from anyone who can benefit by stealing them.

Now, when there is a way to become invisible, surfing the net has become more confidential and confident. You may also be interested in finding out more on secure VPN service, developed by Privatoria.

Contact us to get more detailed information about our anonymous IP service, available pricing options, and ask for your free trial.

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