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IP address
How to identify sender’s IP address
October 5, 2015

E-mail in many ways is similar to the traditional mail that the whole world was using not so long ago. […]

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Privatoria supports IPv6. What is IPv6?
September 28, 2015

There is a pretty complex technology that the Internet is based on. It has been evolving since the late 70s […]

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What Information Do We Know About The E-mail Sender And The Recipient?
April 7, 2015

We all use email every day. It is a common activity for most people, even the most basic Internet users. […]

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How to Set Up Your Privatoria Anonymous E-mail in Microsoft Outlook
December 9, 2014

Today’s communication is mostly done through e-mail. Important data and confidential files should all be sent safely and securely to avoid […]

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Hack: VPN and Proxy for Saving Money on Online Booking of Hotels and Airplane Tickets
November 20, 2014

Curious travelers will find this article useful as here they will discover how not to overpay for airplane tickets and hotel […]

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FireChat for Communication Without a Cell Network
October 10, 2014

FireChat introduces a new way to chat: “off-the-grid”.  Instead of relying on a central server, it is based on peer-to-peer […]

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