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What Is DNS And Why Should You Use Secure DNS?
July 14, 2015

Privatoria Secure DNS

We use the Internet every day and often pay almost no attention to how things work to make the magic happen. Most of Privatoria users know by now that the Internet is also full of security threats. For that reason, users resort to using Proxy or VPN services to make their web presence anonymous. What some users may not know, however, is that the common DNS server can also present a security threat.

What is DNS?

A Domain Name System, or simply DNS, is a way to convert human-readable domain names into IP addresses which machines can understand and process. It is often referred to as “computer phone book”. The major difference between a DNS and Phone book is that phone books do not update themselves. A DNS can dynamically change it’s settings to link users to machines even when some low-level network configuration is changed. Users benefit from that when they enter a website URL and instantly get redirected to a desired resource without doing manual set-up.

Public DNS servers

Most users use a public DNS server without ever knowing it. Most of those come as a default value in the appropriate field. That means you most likely use a public DNS server if you connect to your home WiFi network or go out and do it in a restaurant.

The issue with most DNS servers is that beside doing their primary job, they often cache a lot of sensitive information and store it for who knows how long. An average DNS server has cached info about which IP’s connect to certain domains, which e-mail addresses are used to send a letter to certain addresses and other sensitive info which some users would prefer not to reveal.

Public DNS servers can leak user info


Privatoria Secure DNS


Having user security and privacy as our priority, we offer dedicated DNS servers for every user of Privatoria. That means you can still connect to the Internet in a regular manner and not worry about your info as we do not store any user activity on our servers.

To use our Privatoria Secure DNS, you have to manually insert it into your OS network settings. You can also use a Secure DNS as a part of our Privatoria VPN service which uses Secure DNS by default.


Sometimes little things can cause serious troubles leaving us completely clueless. DNS servers are an important part of network chains that allows us to benefit from what the Internet has to offer without applying any technical knowledge. Unfortunately, some serious dangers can hide behind a public DNS server which is why we recommend using our dedicated DNS.

Stay safe and start using Secure DNS and other Privatoria services today for free!

Actual information about all Privatoria services you can always find here.

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