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Best VPN For China 2015
July 16, 2015


There are a lot of search engine requests according to ‘What is the best VPN for China, either paid or free, for breaking through Chinese firewalls?’, ‘Best VPN in China’, ‘Free VPN China’, etc. China built the Great Firewall to combat cyber threats.  Moreover, not only Chinese people face this problem. Many tourists that visit China suffer from this nuisance as well.

What is the best VPN for China 2015? 


Understanding the strict internet policies of China, VPN services came along and opened the gates to all blocked websites and content. But as you know, many VPN providers’ websites are unavailable to reach for GFW. So it is hard to get customer service in many cases. Despite this, many VPN services seem to be working just fine from within China. Privatoria is not an exclusion.

To begin, let’s answer one question: ‘Why do Chinese people need a VPN?’ Most of them want to get online freedom, to get access to blocked resources, communicate easily and securely with their friends, families and business colleagues, which can often be a problem because of Chinese firewalls.

Based on these requirements, the best VPN for China must meet the following requirements:

– VPN provider should be available in China

– No logs

– Great connection speeds

– Servers in Hong Kong for secure surfing domestically

– Server in most popular regions to get access to popular geo-restricted resources (USA, UK, Australia, Germany, etc.)

Privatoria is a great VPN in China to use:

– EU jurisdiction (it is a Czech Republic company). Due to the local laws it is not obligated to store any logs.

– It has VPN servers in Hong Kong, USA, UK, Australia, Brazil, etc.

– It is a Tor integrated service. Which means that you can use Tor even if your ISP blocks it without installing additional software.

– Privatoria is a low cost service. Compared to most of VPN providers that operate in the Chinese market, this service is much cheaper. A monthly subscription costs only $3,3* instead of $10-$20 that other VPN providers charge.

– L2TP/IpSec supported, OpenVPN

– free trial*

– 6 additional security services like Proxy, Secure DNS, Secure Chat with Voice and Video Calls, Anonymous E-mail and Secure Data transfer  services.

* This information is actual at the moment of publication this post. The most updated information about the rules of our services you can find here.

Privatoria VPN works on all platforms and devices

Follow one of these guides to set up Privatoria VPN on your device using default OS clients:

How to Set Up VPN on Windows

How to Set Up VPN on Mac OS

How to Set Up VPN on Android

How to Set Up VPN on iPhone/iPad

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