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Best VPN for Travel
August 18, 2015


When you travel you often need to use the Internet to check your e-mail, read news, chat with your friends and family or post something on some social media. If you are a traveler, chances are you’ve already come across regional Internet restrictions, such as having Facebook, Twitter or Netflix being disabled in certain countries. Another important point to remember is your device’s security while travelling.

Best VPN for travel


Let’s dig a little deeper into each topic

Checking e-mails or making a Skype call can be vitally important when you visit a distant country. Unfortunately, regular e-mail and VoIP services, like Gmail and Skype, can be unavailable in certain countries, like China or UAE, because of certain political or religious reasons. Privatoria offers a way out. By using our Proxy or VPN services, you get geographical access of any Internet service. You can be assured you won’t see messages like this:

Protect yourself while using public WiFi spots

The threat of public WiFi spots is often underestimated. Many users connect to public WiFi every day while visiting restaurants or malls. It’s convenient and much appreciated by users. The problem is that it is much simpler for an attacker to identify users that are using the same network and:

– offer a malicious software install disguised as flash player update or something
– read user’s Internet traffic including finance operations

Read more in our article about Dangers of Free WiFi networks

Privatoria wants to keep you safe and for that reason we recommend being cautious when using a public WiFi network.

To secure your connection:

– install an anti-virus

Read our Mobile Security guide

– do not carry out any finance operations when you are connected to free WiFi spots
– if you are on a mobile device, restrict access to your files and applications
– use Internet traffic encryption (can be done with a VPN)

With a Privatoria VPN you can:

– geographically access any Internet service (choose from more than 63 locations)
– encrypt 100% of your Internet traffic
– make your location anonymous
– protect your private data and passwords


The Internet is not equally available in different parts of the world. It’s a shame but that’s the way things are. It is also full of threats, which makes web-security tools a must-have. Privatoria offers an ultimate solution for both geographical service access and protection against free WiFi spot dangers.

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