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Blocked Access to Your Favorite Web Resources? There is a solution!
November 13, 2014

The authorities often try to block access to undesirable information available online. For example, the most popular video network Youtube and social network Facebook cannot be accessed from China, Turkey, Chechnya, Tajikistan, Iran and many other countries.

How to unblock site?


As it frequently happens, some web resources limit access to their websites because of some geographical peculiarities. For example, Spotify  – music service where users can listen to music for free can be accessed only from the USA and Europe. Even Skype is not available for UAE and Iran visitors. And the list goes on.

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You could have been banned from a forum or online game. Which is why, it is important to know how to make sure your access cannot be blocked.

What is the Most Convenient Way to Prevent Your Access from Being Blocked?

In fact, there are a lot of ways to do so, and each of them has its own pros and cons. You can, for example, install the Hola extension. It will allow you to temporarily change information about the country you are currently located in. This way, you will be able to visit the website from the banned countries.

One more popular extension of this type is Zenmate, but it cannot be installed on Internet Explorer. If you use Opera browser, just switch to the Opera Turbo mode ­– there is no need to install it. You won’t find such extensions for Safari.

But anyway, there is still a universal way for all the browsers and operating systems that does not require any additional downloads – just create VPN connection or simply use Proxy. It will give you a chance to use your favorite browser without installing any additional applications on your device. To do this, you just need to have an access to the server which will enable anonymous surfing. Both VPN and Proxy services can be delivered by Privatoria.

How to Access Blocked Websites from Mobile Devices?

If you want to access blocked websites from smartphones and tablets, you can do it in the same way as with the help of computers. Hola and Zenmate applications are available for download in iTunes and GooglePlay. Or, as mentioned above, you can avoid any downloading and just set up VPN connection or Proxy on Your smartphone. Just keep in mind that Privatoria has all the detailed instructions for practically every case.

Can Someone Find Out I’ve Visited Blocked Websites?

The easiest way to find out which websites you visited is to look through your browsing history. These data can also be stored in such applications as Hola, Zenmate; websites anonymizers (such as Hidemе, Hidemyass), and VPN/Proxy providers.

But if they use unsecure communication channels, then some secret services, scammers or someone else could intercept your files or view your browsing activity. This is the main reason why it’s important to pay special attention to the choice of Proxy and avoid free Proxy services. Your data protection with their help seems to be quite unreliable.

Unlike services mentioned above, there are still some services of this type (Privatoria, Hidemyass and others) which claim they do not store any data (your surfing data and real IP), and thus you visit all the websites through the IP hider, which means only the IP of an anonymous surfing provider is displayed. In this case, your data protection is much more reliable.

What Should I do if I am Over Suspicious?

For those who are afraid of internet spying, there is a safe way to access blocked websites, though less convenient. It is possible to install a Tails flash drive and run it instead of your operating system. It will enable you to access any website. As soon as you turn your computer off (in case of emergency, just remove the flash drive), your internet browsing activity data will disappear without a trace. However, they won’t be saved on the flash drive either.

And that’s just right time to mention some additional services offered by anonymous surfing providers especially for online “paranoiacs”. There is a Skype alternative offered by Privatoria where communication between companions is carried out through their browsers without server participation. A row of other useful functions, such as secure file transfer, anonymous e-mail (Hidemyass has it too) and some more are offered to users as well.

Just to sum it up, there are a few reliable ways to make sure you can browse anonymously and your access to your favorite web resources won’t be blocked. You just need to choose a trusted provider who can do that.

Or you can try free trial of just now here.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask us in comments.

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