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Cooperation = Additional Protection
September 20, 2016


It’s of utmost importance for any respectable online company to offer secure services. Privatoria isn’t an exception. It worries about its clients’ digital well being & thinks of all spheres of their online life in advance.

Every facet of the Internet activity – be it browsing WWW in all directions, sending emails, communicating in voice chats, making video calls, or storing important data – is subjected to thorough scrutiny for compliance with security requirements by Privatoria tools & services.

Privatoria is a small-sized company as per its clientele scope, but it demonstrates grand-scale strategic thinking in terms of its mission, vision & clients’ care. Privatoria strives to constantly magnify the degree of protection offered to its customers. From this perspective, the company entered into the mutually-useful agreement with the renowned Kaspersky Laboratory which developed famous anti-virus protection complex for “Internet dwellers”.

Kaspersky Lab is a long-established & highly respectable international software security group that sets the goal of protecting everyone’s “right to be free of cyber-security fears”. It’s one of the inalienable human rights, as stated in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. This noble far-reaching mission is best accomplished via cooperation with the other companies fighting in the field of overall security for online activities. Privatoria is one of such humble but devoted partners.

Thus, the company gained free-of-charge partner license from Kaspersky Lab to employ its product & the legal right to place its official logotype at the home page. This logo symbolizes cooperation to provide the highest degree of digital protection possible. It’s an honorable privilege for Privatoria to fight against numerous cyber offenders & criminals shoulder to shoulder with such an industry giant as KL.

Being secured online is actually very simple, and now it’s accessible for free of charge testing from Privatoria (VPN+Tor service package).

Welcome to its 7-day free trial service!

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  • Rita

    Great to know!

  • Lucy Spencer

    Thank you so much for your dedictaed support!
    My life under protection now, hope you will be adding more servers soon 🙂

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