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Did you know that Whatsapp collects your Contacts and shares it with Facebook?
September 27, 2016


It might not come to your attention yet but one needs to know that one of the most popular messengers among us all (!), Whatsapp, started sharing some user data — including your phone number — with its parent company Facebook.

Both companies say the new policy will help you find friends and “improve your Facebook ads and products experiences,”.

However, we all know that forewarned is forearmed!

We would like to give you a simple direction on how to stop Whatsapp from sharing your phone number.

Please follow these 5 easy steps to disable Contacts sharing and really protect yourself!

Step 1 – Go to Settings


Step 2 – Click on Privacy


Step 3 – Choose Contacts


Step 4 – Whatsapp


Step 5 – Disable Whatsapp


Don’t panic if new terms were already accepted (nobody actually reads them), you’ve still got 30 days to opt out. Head to the app’s settings menu, and then press the account tab. From there, you can uncheck the box reading “Share my account info” to stop providing Facebook with your user data.

Source: Whatsapp Blog


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  • Tarantino

    Thank you guys, i’ll check this

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