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Hack: VPN and Proxy for Saving Money on Online Booking of Hotels and Airplane Tickets
November 20, 2014

Curious travelers will find this article useful as here they will discover how not to overpay for airplane tickets and hotel rooms when booking them online.

Hack: VPN and Proxy for Saving Money on Online Booking


How Do the Websites Choose the Price They Show to You?

Quite often, websites tend to display different prices on airplane tickets, hotel rooms, online services, etc. The price you see depends on a row of factors:

·  Your cookie files that report how many times you have visited the resource, what and where you’ve been looking for before, and how often you refresh the page, etc.

·  Where exactly in the world you are located (IP, GPS on your mobile device, WiFi settings, etc)

·  Which device you use, etc.

How Do the Websites Choose the Price They Show to You?

 How Is This Information Used?

A lot of companies use cookie against you. The more frequently you check for the price, the higher this price becomes. If you look for similar offers, the price is getting higher. Of course, it makes you think that the price rises due to some unknown reasons which have nothing to do with your actions. You may think it happens, for example, due to a smaller number of seats available, and you willingly buy tickets at any price. The situation is the same with buying train tickets, online booking of hotels, etc.

And this is not the only reason why prices rise. The ticket cost may vary depending on the area or even city zone where the inquiry is made – the wealthier it is, the higher the price. When it comes to transfer flights, it’s the same story.

But here is some bad news for the owners of Apple products. Some quirky companies figure out who accessed the website from Mac and unsurprisingly increase the prices for such users.

geo_price.png (1000×9275) - Google 1Chrome.jpg

What Should You Do if You Don’t Want to Overpay?

·  If you buy items online (especially airplane tickets!), you should always use incognito mode (Ctrl+Shift+N in Google Chrome)

·  Regularly clear cookie files (in the browser settings)

Use international sites (.ca, .uk, .br, .fr, etc). International sites may show different (and cheaper) prices for the same product, even after currency conversions. Again, your IP address could prevent you from seeing cheaper prices.·

·  In many cases, the incognito mode will not save you from cost rises, which is why it is worth using IP hider services. If you wish to hide your real IP, you can do it with the help of such services as Anonymous Proxy and Secure VPN. You can either use proxy, or set up VPN. Both services will let you change your IP. Find more detailed information about Proxy and VPN here.

What’s In It for You?

Depending on the order price, you can save $100-$2000, and sometimes even more. Are you still willing to overpay?, being a reliable web security provider, offers Secure VPN with enabled IPSec and L2TP protocols, and provides you with complete traffic encryption.

Anonymous Proxy and Secure VPN are undoubtedly useful services. With their help you can also:

·  Use a web resource the access to which is restricted in your area

·  Hide your web browsing history from third parties (including internet provider and secret services)

·  Protect your information from hacking (very often, when the internet connection is not encrypted, hackers intercept such important information as logins, passwords, credit card data, etc.)

How to Try It?

You can check your current IP address here. After you set up IP hider, don’t forget to check your new IP address.

Why don’t you try out the advantages of secure web surfing and saving on online orders via VPN or Proxy from right now for free?

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