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How to buy Bitcoin and pay for VPN?
June 29, 2016


Bitcoin is an anonymous digital crypto-currency that allows users to retain a high level of anonymity. Most users find it very helpful as it’s considered by many as a cash payment equivalent. Most people reading this probably know all of that by now. An interesting fact, though, is that there are different levels of Bitcoin anonymity. It can be bought cheap, fast or anonymously, but not all at once. There are some people who may disagree. However, one cannot ignore the fact that services like Mt. Gox, Coinbase, or any other automated methods to purchase Bitcoins online take away a great portion of anonymity.

How to by bitcoin anonymously?


Those services require some identity information, which reduces a user’s level of anonymity as the government can access the data using legal instruments. Even if you do buy Bitcoins through one of these services, there is a way to “clean” them using a service like BlockChain’s Send Shared, but there’s also a record of making that purchase. An evident conclusion is there’s no such thing as an automated anonymous Bitcoin purchase. In the case when you want anonymity, you’d better stick with manual purchases. Buying your Bitcoins directly really plays nice with the idea of anonymity.

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This article showcases the most secure ways of purchasing Bitcoins.

Local Resellers


Some users may find this option too primitive but it’s actually the best way to buy Bitcoins and stay anonymous. This is real physical purchase. It may look like a weird thing to buy digital currency from a guy in the alley but it remains the ultimate choice for anonymity seekers. will help a lot in finding a person willing to sell Bitcoins to you. The downside to this is not only the fact that you might have to travel to another city to buy the currency but also that you have to pay the price above the exchange rate. Most of those resellers also specify their money limits for exchange. Obviously, they also have certain reputation points. Make sure to check those before considering a deal with any of those people.

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If you do not fancy physically going somewhere and buying your Bitcoins, you can use the popular IRC chat. This is the type of chat anyone can join, if they know the right channel. One of these channels, #bitcoin-otc, links people who want to buy and sell Bitcoins.

After joining the chat you will see a list of people online. You can then announce that you are looking for a Bitcoin seller. Most of them will want you to register first and send a message to an automated user. You will have to negotiate with the sellers about how will you transfer the funds and who will be the first to do so etc… Just as with LocalBitcoins, do not forget to get some feedback first.

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Buy VPN with Bitcoin anonymously

Most people seeking financial anonymity will also want anonymity on the web. Privatoria allows to pay for VPN with Bitcoins and do that anonymously.

Privatoria Secure VPN main features are:

– Tor integrated (optional). Dynamically changing TOR locations every 10 minutes

– Hide & change your IP from hackers and spies

– 22+ VPN servers

– Works on all platforms and all devices: Windows, Mac OS, Linux/Unix, Fire OS, Chrome OS, Android, iOS, etc.

– There is no need to set up any additional software on your device

– L2TP/IpSec protocol

– OpenVPN supported

This is what Privatoria Bitcoin payment looks like.

1)  Select Privatoria payment plan:

Privatoria balance

2) Sellect Bitcoin as a payment method: Control Panel - Bitcoin

3) You are basically given an address to send Bitcoins to. You can use other anonymous services like Blockchain or any other to do so: Control Panel Bitcoin payments

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