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How to configure a Proxy in Opera?
February 26, 2015

Privatoria Proxy settings Opera browser

The Internet is growing everyday. Services that make the Internet possible grow along with it. We cannot ignore the fact that our favorite software has to remain in active development for it to function properly and do what we want it to do without lagging or bugs. What is a proxy server? It serves as a bridge between a user’s PC and the Internet. Why do you need it? Well, most of the time proxy users want to surf the Internet anonymously and access blocked content (e.g Netflix, Spotify).


Why use a Privatoria Proxy? It is TOR-integrated (NO TOR-browser needed) and gives you access to 63+ VPN countries. This article contains detailed instructions about setting up a proxy on your web-browser. This time we focus on Opera.

How to configure a Proxy in Opera? 


1. Open the Opera menu in the top left corner and navigate to Settings and then to Preferences…


2. Click on the Advanced tab at the top of the Preferences window.


3. On the left side of the Advanced settings window, select Network from the list and then click the “Proxy Servers…” button.


4. This will display the Proxy servers window. Click “Use manual proxy configuration” and then check the “HTTP” and “Use this proxy for all protocols” checkboxes.


5. In the HTTP Proxy server field, enter the IP Address of your Proxy Server, and the Proxy Server: Port Number: 3128 in the Port field. You will receive the IP Address and Port Number of your Proxy Server(s) in a separate email.

6. Press the OK button and then press OK again to save your settings. Now when you surf, you will be surfing by using the Proxy Server.

The Internet is not only growing. It’s also getting easier to use for average users thanks to services like Privatoria. Automation is our primary approach and our technicians implement cutting-edge solutions to improve your Internet experience and make sure your browser is compatible with our products.

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