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How to configure Proxy in Google Chrome?
March 5, 2015


Using Internet is like driving a car for some of us: we do it with style and the way it works best for us. It might get tricky, however, when it comes to compatibility and settings of different internet browsers for Proxy Server Connections.

Now what is proxy server? It is a computer that is used as a bridge between user’s PC and the internet. Why do you need it? Well, most common use-cases include ability to surf the internet anonymously and get access to blocked content (e.g Netflix, Spotify).

Privatoria values your individuality and freedom of choice. Our Proxy is TOR-integrated (NO TOR-browser needed) and gives you access to 63+ server locations. Services that we offer are compatible with virtually any software. Unfortunately, ‘compatible’ does not always mean ‘easy to setup and use’, so this is a article in the series of materials in which we explain proxy settings in different web-browsers:

How to Configure a Proxy in Opera?

How to Configure a Proxy in Mozilla Firefox?

We decided to continue with the most popular web-browser, Google Chrome.

How to configure Proxy in Google Chrome?


1. Click “Customize and Control Google Chrome” menu.

2. Click “Settings” button.

Google Chrome settings

 3. Under “Google Chrome Settings” window select ‘Show advanced settings” tab.


 4. In the ‘Network’ section, click the “Change proxy settings” button.


 5. Under “Internet Properties” window click “LAN settings” button.


 6. Under “Local Area Network (LAN) Settings” window click on the Proxy server for your LAN” and enter your proxy settings.

Proxy Server:

Port Number: 3128


 7. Click OK and Apply to save the settings.

Your browser will ask you than login and password. You should enter your Privatoria current login and pass.

Something that is pretty obvious for some could give a hard time for others, and we all agree that internet should be easy and plain simple for all. Now you know how to use our proxy in your favorite browser. In case you prefer alternative browser, do not get upset too quickly as we have posted articles with proxy settings for every popular browser.

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