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How to configure Proxy on IPhone/IPad
April 30, 2015

IOS users enjoy latest and greatest mobile software which is famous to be great looking, easy to use and rich in functionality. The Proxy set-up, however, might be a little confusing especially for those used to certain web-browsers. This article showcases Privatoria Proxy set-up on your IPhone/IPad or any other IOS device.

1. Go to your system settings and click the Wi-Fi button
IOS Proxy Settings (1)
2. Click on the network you are connected to
IOS Proxy Settings (2)
3. Click Manual for HTTP Proxy and insert “” for server and “3128” for port. Turn on authentication and insert your Privatoria login and your Privatoria password in the corresponding fields. Leave DHCP IP settings.
IOS Proxy Settings (3)
4. If you are using Safari, it should automatically apply Proxy settings while Chrome may ask you to authenticate. In such case, just insert your Privatoria login details at the prompt:
IOS Proxy Settings (4)
And you’re done! Enjoy Internet browsing via Privatoria Proxy on your IOS device!

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