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How to configure Proxy on your Android device
April 29, 2015

Android owners have a lot of choices when it comes to software. Thousands of applications are posted on Play Market and its alternatives. When you look for Proxy, you get tons of different programs and not all of them work so well. Privatoria Proxy is simple enough to use without a third-party software. Setting up Privatoria Proxy on your Android is pretty easy. In this short tutorial we’ll take you through the process.

1. Open your Settings & go to WiFi section
Proxy Android Setup (1)
2. Tap and hold a selected network for few seconds
Proxy Android Setup (2)
3. Choose Modify Network config
Proxy Android Setup (3)
4. Tick “Show Advanced options” and choose Manual Proxy settings. Insert as your host name and 3128 as your port (you can also add websites that you do not want to use Proxy for with Bypass field). Leave DHCP in the IP settings
Proxy Android Setup (4)
5. After that open your web browser and insert your Privatoria login and your Privatoria password for authentication
Proxy Android Setup (5)

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That’s it. You have successfully configured Proxy on your Android device. Start using Privatoria Proxy free trial today

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