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How To Make Secure Calls Online?
May 12, 2015

secure voice & video chat

The Internet is great for chatting. People literally talk about everything on-line and it’s not always convenient to use a keyboard. A majority of users want to make a call without using a phone. Most users would use Skype or Google Hangouts or other similar services because they’re widely-known and reputable solutions that get the job done.

The issue of security and privacy has to be faced by many due to revelations made by Edward Snowden. Many users question popular VoIP services nowadays and are sometimes afraid of trusting them with their private info. A common desire of every user is to keep their data safe and private. The idea of being spied on while discussing business matters or family issues is very unsettling.

The issue

The problem with most popular VoIP services is that some of them require installation of third party software on your computer. On top of that, this kind of software often comes with built-in back doors for third parties to access the data which is not synonymous with secure chat.
People are being scammed a lot on-line and you have to be careful with your log-in credentials and try to avoid websites that do not have HTTPS enabled (which prevents so called “man in the middle attacks”)

Software often comes with built-in back doors for third parties to access the data


Another point is the way those services operate and any popular service of this kind stores data on its servers. All of these services have to store data on their servers for a long time in order to make data accessible across all user’s devices which leaves an opportunity for unauthorized access.

There’s also no info about who can legally access that data at any moment. This basically means somebody whom you have not authorized can access your chat history. For example, Government officials or police can get this data through a court warrant (in some countries they won’t even need a warrant for that).

VoIP servers can be legally accessed by third parties without your consent


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Privatoria Secure Chat with Voice & Video Calls solution

Our secure voice chat & secure video chat service makes it ridiculously easy to make a secure call to whomever you want on-line and be sure your conversation is not being listened to by third parties or recorded on servers.

How Privatoria Secure Chat works

Key Advantages are:

· Encrypted voice chat
· WebRTC technology as a basis
· DTLS encryption method defined by RFCs 6347, 5238, 6083, 5764
· Direct end-to-end encryption between browsers without third party server logs
· No additional software required, just a web browser
· All the info is deleted once you close the browser
· Your voice chat has no time limits
· Support for all major browsers including Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Opera

On-line privacy and security is a fragile thing which can be easily compromised. Users who are looking for secure voice chat solutions should consider the vulnerability of popular VoIP services and possibly start looking for alternatives.

Take a look to this video to learn more how to use Privatoria Secure Chat & Calls solution:

Privatoria offers universal solutions for voice chats and ensures 100% security, encryption and anonymity of your conversations. Try chat service for free today!

For other free trial services that Privatoria provides click here.

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