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How to Protect Home Networks?
December 25, 2014

Almost every one of us is connected to a home network via a WiFi router. According to the Avast research, nearly 80 percent of wired households in the United States have four or more devices connected to a WiFi network, yet only 33 percent use a network security solution beyond a basic firewall.

In addition to PCs and laptops, users have mobile devices (26%), printers and scanners (17%), smart TVs (11%), and DVD or Blu-ray players (7%) connected to their WiFi networks.

More than half of home routers are protected by default password or other easily figured out passwords which include names, addresses, birthdays, etc.

It is common place to have a combination of admin/admin or admin/password passwords, or even admin/<no password>. Many users don’t know if they use a solution to protect their home network and 12% of respondents are certain they don’t use one.

Unprotected routers provide convenient entry points for intruders. We are talking about  various types of attacks, ranging from identity theft to implementation in browser sessions.

One of the highest risks to the security is spoofing of DNS settings in the router, so that the user’s traffic starts to be routed through a third-party server, owned by the hacker. With this method, it is possible to receive account data, for example, online banking data.

Yet today’s router security situation is very reminiscent of the PCs in the 1990s, with trivial vulnerabilities being discovered every day. Consumers need strong yet simple-to-use tools that can prevent attacks before they happen.

How to Protect Home Networks?


Privatoria as a security service recommends you set up a VPN on your router. So all of the traffic that travels through your home devices will be encrypted. The same goes for office WiFi routers. Setting up a VPN on your office router will protect all of the traffic on every computer on that network.

 Start using Privatoria Secure VPN here!

If you have any questions, feel free to ask us in comments.

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