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How To Send E-mails Anonymously?
March 18, 2015


Social media websites are growing like mushrooms these days and people tend to shift from classic e-mail communications towards Facebook messaging and tweets. It brings a fun element into our daily routines and allows us to share media files in a more casual way without formalizing simple stuff.

However, there are people who need it for official business. Big companies, entrepreneurs, freelancers and regular people carrying out business deals want to communicate in a conventional way without exposing their photos and private info.

Most e-mail users of this niche are also concerned about the security of their mail. Using strong passwords, anti-viruses and firewalls is a great way to prevent a computer trespasser from getting access to your private files. On the flip-side, however, there’s a strong issue that privacy-concerned users cannot ignore.

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Popular e-mail services have the data stored on their servers and, in theory, is stored forever even if you delete it from your account. Having achieved success with your business, you do not want to risk exposing your files to people you don’t know. Anonymous e-mail services are of great help in such cases. So right now we will examine a few optimal ways of sending e-mails anonymously or encrypting their contents.

How to send E-mail Anonymously? 


Secure Mail for Gmail

secure Email for Gmail 4

This is a simple extension for the Google Chrome web browser that lets you send encrypted mail using your Gmail account. All you have to do is click on the lock button, compose your e-mail, set up a decryption password and you’re done! You can provide the recipient with a password via any other contact method.

But if you do not trust Google for some reason, we recommend using the Privatoria Anonymous E-mail solution.

Privatoria Anonymous E-mail

secure-email offers Secure E-mail service that enables users to get secure e-mail encryption so that no one could get an access to their files and messages. That way an attacker will have to break a complex channel security just to get to the encrypted message. You can also change your IP to send anonymous e-mail and be sure no one could track you.

Privatoria also offers a package of anonymity and encryption services including Secure Chat & Calls, VPN, Proxy, Secure Data Storage, File Transfer and, of course, Anonymous E-mail. What you get is a personal encrypted channel for sending your files plus an automated system to encrypt your mail prior to sending it via a secure channel. That way an attacker will have to break a complex security channel just to get to the encrypted message.

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Hide & Change Your IP Address

In case you only want to gain anonymity you can easily use our Virtual Private Network (VPN) ot Tor Integrated Proxy service to reroute your Internet traffic so that whoever is tracing it won’t be able to identify the sender’s real location. You may also be interested in our previous series of posts “How to set up VPN on your device”.

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As an alternative you can also use a Tor Integrated Proxy solution to hide your real IP address.

What do you make of all this?

In the modern day world, there are tools and services to preserve your data and secure your web communications. The implementation varies from a simple browser extension to complex services with dedicated channels and servers. The notion of secure e-mails is becoming a common deal and there’s a great demand for Internet security in general. So if you value your personal data and mail, there’s a good chance you might become a potential user of these services.

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