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How To Send Passwords And Files Without Fear?
April 2, 2015

We all produce, consume and transfer data every day. As technology evolves, people tend to choose computers for communication, entertainment and working with data. We value our files and often take some precautions to prevent data loss. There is also a different kind of threat to our data. Businesses, entrepreneurs, celebrities can easily fall victims to hackers who chase their secrets.

Encryption is your solution

secure data transfer

Privatoria Secure Data Transfer  service provides a secure, affordable, easy-to-use anonymous solution for online data and message transfer.

Some of the notable features include:

·   AES 256 bit end-to-end encrypted storage

·   SSL encrypted transfer

·   Variety of supported file formats

·   Max file size is 1 GB

·   Every file is protected by a unique ID

·   Files remain on the server no longer than 24 hours from initial upload

·  Option to leave a text message for the recipient (useful to send passwords or credit card details)

How to send your passwords and files securely 


Here’s a brief instruction on how to send your passwords, files and all sensitive data securely:

1. Log into your Privatoria account on the website

Secure Data Transfer (step 1)

2. Choose Secure Data Storage

Secure Data Transfer (step 2)

3. Use “Upload file option”, click the button and upload your file

Secure Data Transfer (step 3)

4. After the file is uploaded, copy the unique file ID number (consists of alphanumeric characters)

Secure Data Transfer (step 4)

5. In case you want to transmit your personal details (e.g credit card number or a PayPal account details), you can also use “Upload text message” option

Secure Data Transfer (step 5)

6. Share the web-link and unique file ID with the recipient (there’s no need to be logged in to download the file) and you’re done; keep in mind that the file is only available 24 hours and it will be purged from the server when that deadline expires

Secure Data Transfer (step 6)

You may also find this video tutorial useful:

Most Internet users find it convenient to share data online and almost everybody wants to secure their data and not worry about hacker attacks. Privatoria offers the highest level of security for your data and passwords. With Privatoria Secure Data Storage, you can rest assured that your data is safe stored and/or delivered to the recipient.

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