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How to Stop Google from Tracking You
October 7, 2016


Today we can no longer use the Internet anonymously. Big IT companies put a lot of efforts into online surveillance. Google does that on a regular basis. World’s biggest search engine aggressively gathers users’ data without their consent. Everything you type into the search bar is recorded.

Google knows everything about you

They keep the search history and associate it with the Google account used to send requests. Google also track your YouTube, G+, Calendars. Needless to say, they have your payment info as well if you have ever bought something on Google Play. That makes it trivial to link user’s Internet activity to a real person. If you do not use a Google account, the info will be associated with your IP address, your computer’s Mac address or any other unique identifier. In other words, Google will always know who’s behind the keyboard. You can turn some of the tracking parameters off but in order to get to the setting you have to load multiple pages and search through endless menus and, unfortunately, that does not solve the problem on a larger scale.

Google also makes hardware. Their Chromebooks are advertised as cheap and fast laptops that cannot be infected with viruses. In reality, these laptops run an OS that is based on Chrome web browser meaning you can only run software within the browser (e.g programs like Google Docs). This means Google can monitor not only your browsing but everything you do on your PC. Considering the fact these Chromebooks are almost useless without the Internet, your data are instantly sent to Google’s servers too.


Many users do not realize or lack technical expertise to see the problem while Google continues to do its thing. Fortunately, some companies try to deviate from the surveillance paradigm and provide their users with privacy options. The most well-known search engine that does not track users is DuckDuckGo. It uses Tor hidden service to make outgoing traffic anonymous. It also does not keep the search history. However, Google apparently does not really like the idea and tries to slow down DDG’s rise to fame.

One of the controversial steps taken by tech giant was the purchase of domain name. This allows redirecting to The motive behind it remains unclear. StartPage, another privacy-oriented search company, is also alive and well. They operate as a middleman between users and Google. That way you can use Google without revealing the personal data.

Is there another way?

For better or worse, Google is now a great part of the Internet. Some users would find it difficult if not impossible to stop using it. So what can be done to preserve privacy without giving up the usual way of web browsing? Privatoria offers a perfect solution. Use our VPN service to encrypt all your Internet traffic and, henceforth, hide it from Google or any other tracking service. Moreover, you can use VPN+TOR service (yes, VPN plus the same TOR network used by DuckDuckGo) to get double encryption and nullify the possibility of being spied on by not only Google but any search engine.

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