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How to Unblock Geo-Restricted Websites
December 14, 2016


Do such websites as Google Play Store, Netflix, LinkedIn, Twitter or YouTube have anything in common? Sure! They are…blocked! If you need to access them day in day out, the issue of how to unblock websites becomes urgent.

Attention! Websites under Siege

Some organizations, companies, educational establishments and even whole countries (China, North Korea, Russia, Turkey, etc.) undertake blockage of certain websites in order to reduce distractions and conserve bandwidth (absolutely noble missions!), as well as to guarantee total control and censorship of unwanted web content. Unfortunately, it becomes more and more common nowadays when a website goes under censorship and becomes blocked because of its mission and content supporting freedom of speech. Totally deplorable!

The burning question arises how to unblock websites online. In order to bypass these borders and limits, you can resort to the help of online tools that can help you disguise your online identity and circumvent restrictions.

If you need to unblock popular websites, you are welcome to both conventional and non-traditional tools:

1. Proxy Server

Proxy technology prevents websites, message services, e-mails or other IP-communication services from recognizing your real IP address, geographical location or browser version. When you have some access restrictions because of your regional location, or some restrictions within public entities, hiding your IP will enable anonymous surf.

In such a case, a Proxy server performs the function of a go-between, verbatim, by visiting the blocked site, displaying its content for you and facilitating your uninterrupted interaction with the site. Your traffic isn’t blocked as the site communicates with a Proxy server, not with your actual device.

If you want a better service it should be paid for as there are many limitations in the functioning of free versions:

  • slowing down your browsing,
  • failing to display web pages properly,
  • bombarding you with advertisements and pop-ups, etc.

In order to use reliable service, go to a trusted proxy service provider and select the package of services you need. Every further step will be carried out by the service; all you need to do is to enjoy free and unblocked access to your favorite websites without any Internet censorship.

2. Virtual Private Network

Based on the OpenVPN technology, a VPN enables you to connect to anonymous VPN server and surf the net securely without being tracked. Your real IP address and location are hidden as VPN service provider gives you its own IP address. Thus, your online identity (IP address) becomes anonymized, and you can access blocked websites. Thus, the problem of how to unlock websites online doesn’t bother you anymore!

Again, there are free and commercial VPN services, with their own advantages and disadvantages. Mind that the paid-VPN service removes the advertisements, improves speed of your connection and includes free customer support carried out by the experienced technical team.

3. Search Engine

There are alternative search engines that do not track users and might be useful in getting access to blocked web sites with geo-restricted content, due to the anonymity of their services. Among them there are such engines as DuckDuckGo, IxQuick, Blekko, Dogpile, etc.

How to Unblock Geo-Restricted Websites



There are some more methods of unblocking geo-restricted websites, both primitive and complicated in their nature. Options to access a website depend on the mode used to block the site; you can employ a search method to find out what will work for your particular case:

  • Add or remove an “s” to the “http” preceding the website URL (“https” represents a secure connection while “http” is the unencrypted version of the website URL).
  • Use a URL redirect site like These sites, usually free, allow you to change the URL to a short-hand version that is then redirected to the blocked site.
  • Use the IP address instead of the DNS – instead of, enter the IP address of the website into the address bar, if you know it.
  • Use a different DNS (for instance, you can change your DNS to Google Public DNS).
  • Use a DNS tunneling service similar to Proxy; it’s convenient if you only want to watch videos and listen to music with your tablet at home.
  • Use a browser extension similar to VPN and Proxy; the problem is that some extensions might employ scamming techniques.

Thus, the question of how to unblock blocked websites with restricted access can be easily and efficiently answered with the help of such online tools as VPN / Proxy services or their variants.

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