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Internet Censorship in Arabic Countries
April 15, 2015

internet censorship in arab countries

The Internet is constantly emerging and offering ways to access media, make purchases, communicate, read news, find answers/tutorials and get different sorts of information in one place. The Web is a big deal today, in fact it’s so big that some people couldn’t manage to do their routine tasks or work without it.

Safe and Open for Everyone

It can be safely stated that the Internet is not equally accessible in different parts of the world due to certain issues that prevent users from getting decent connection speeds, access certain websites or even get on-line. In this article, we look closely at Arab countries and the Internet issues specific to this region.

The concept

The Islamic countries treat certain aspects of life in a specific way. Western people do not necessarily understand the ways people do things in Asia and the Middle East. There is nothing wrong with that, all cultures deserve respect and one should not say one thing is better than another. Anyway, this is not the subject matter of this article.

The Internet, being a large aspect of people’s lives in 2015, also gets certain treatment from Asian, Middle Eastern and Arabic countries; which is, again, not a bad thing. Some residents or people who temporarily visit the country, however, may find it inconvenient. For example, when we want to use Facebook or Twitter and it’s not possible because the ISP simply restricts access.

Justice for All

There is a reason for Internet censorship in the Arab world and it’s not our job to make comments on this. Users, however, seek solutions to certain problems and inconveniences that arise because of the censorship. Our research shows that the Internet has greatly penetrated the Arabic World.

Internet Arabic

Internet users (per 100 people)

Internet Penetration in Arab countries


The majority of these countries have Internet restrictions. Users often cannot get access to the Internet, mass media, social networks, forums, blogs and many other things. Privatoria provides an opportunity not to be limited by your ISP’s restrictions and experience the web in full. Unlike many other providers, Privatoria offers a solution tailored for users from Arabian countries.

Using a Proxy or VPN is totally legal and you won’t get in trouble just for using it. Both Proxy and VPNs can be used to achieve the same goals:

· A proxy server is used to reroute your Internet traffic and change your IP address

· A VPN does the same and also encrypts your traffic which prevents different web services from storing your browsing history and logs. In other words, a VPN makes you invisible on the net and leaves no footprints whatsoever while Proxies only change your location.

More information on this topic can be found in our previous article.

So, Privatoria Tor integrated proxy is the simplest way to visit blocked sites. There is no need to make difficult settings. Just enter Proxy server address and surf from any from 63+ available countries.

Privatoria provides an all-inclusive solution that every heavy Internet user should consider. You can easily access your favorite services and websites (e.g Spotify, Netflix, Facebook, Twitter) using our Proxy servers.

Some users who communicate a lot on the web may also experience some issues. For example, statements have been made that popular telecommunication client ‘Skype’ is also not available in certain Arab countries. As a secure alternative, Privatoria offers its chat service for text, audio and video chatting with no logs or history written.

Open the Web

The Internet is a great place for exchanging information. Users access the things they need effortlessly from all over the world, get their work done and communicate with their friends and relatives every day. It is important to keep the Web open, public and accessible to everyone. Privatoria values your privacy and freedom of choice. It also applies exclusive security measures to protect those.

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Please note, that you can buy proxy with bitcoin and other security tools from Privatoria.

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