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Internet Censorship in Philippines
April 23, 2015

philippines internet censorship

The Internet is now both a global landmark and a universal medium for communication, studying, entertainment, doing business and more. People use it every day to handle their routine tasks in a more efficient way or simply because it’s convenient. Many users take the web for granted though and do not realize how important it is for humanity in general.

The Philippines has a solid community of Internet users with over 34 million Facebook users alone. There is also a great number of freelance job seekers in the country who can’t earn money without the opportunities provided by the web.

There are over 34 million Facebook users in Philippines


Signs of Censorship

The Philippine Cybercrime law represents a threat and a start of Internet censorship in the country as claimed by many users and protesters. The main points covered by this law allow prosecution of individuals dealing with trafficking, cybersex, child pornography and other questionable types of content or activities on the web, which generally is a good thing.

The aforementioned document, however, does cover additional points, most notable of which presuppose legal consequences for individuals posting or blogging on-line about controversial topics. Freedom of speech activists reacted to this fast by spreading the news and organizing official protests. The government does not seem to be reacting positively to this as no official statement has been made of the law abolishment.

A Threat to freedom of speech in Philippines


Privatoria offers a way out

Our company strongly believes that each user should have a right to post, blog or communicate in other ways via the web. With our VPN you get a universal solution to hide your internet life and ensure you are not being spied on.

You can benefit from our VPN in many ways:
· Encrypt 100% of your Internet traffic
· Choose any country of the list as your location: Germany, USA, UK, Singapore, France, Brazil, Egypt, Japan and Chile
· Use any service or website which may not available in your region (e.g Netflix, Spotify, Twitter, Facebook, etc.)
· Enjoy safe and secure Internet where no one can track you

Great opportunity to browse Tor sites is Tor integrated Privatoria Proxy with 63+ server locations. There is no need to install any additional software to visit dark net. It’ also the simplest way to hide & change you real IP address.

63 proxy server locations

You can also use Privatoria Secure Chat for safe and tracking-free communications online.

Some highlights are:
· WebRTC browser-based chat app that provides direct secure connection between browsers and does write any log files
· Encrypted SSL channel for communications

You may be interested in Secure E-mail service:
· Encrypted SSL channel for communications
· 256 bit AES end-to-end encryption
· Simple and easy-to-use web interface and integration with all of the most popular e-mail clients

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The Philippines is a great country with a lot of people who gravitate towards the Internet. Users find news, study materials, job opportunities, people to communicate with, etc.

A free and open Internet is a gift and should not be taken for granted. Privatoria provides an easy solution to preserve the openness of the web and enjoy a safe and secure Internet. Experience it now using a our free trial version!

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