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Internet Censorship In South Africa
April 28, 2015

South Africa internet censorship

Internet censorship is nothing new and perceived as a regular thing. While it is true that people have kind of got used to it in some parts of the world not everyone thinks restricting Internet access is a good thing. African regions are adopting the Internet fast and in this article we explore possible obstacles that South Africa may face along the way.

Best Intentions

The South African government started censoring the Internet back in 2006 when a great portion of the adult content entered the country. All local ISP’s were forced to filter and prohibit banned content from being displayed. Some bloggers were arrested for discussing this on-line and questioning the righteousness of this decision.

Adult Internet content in South Africa has been censored since 2006


Possible future restrictions

As of now, there are no major Internet restrictions in South Africa, with the exception of pornography and resources that violate copyrights, which is generally a good thing. The country has also gotten a “Free” Internet Freedom status rating from the Freedom House which speaks for itself.

The situation can be described as satisfying at the moment. The threat of more severe Internet censorship has recently been aggravated by the Right2Know campaign though. Activists claim the Film and Publications Board has been pushing a proposal to censor Internet in South Africa.

Right2Know air concerns regarding future Internet restrictions in South Africa


The FPB wants local institutions to have an option to legally regulate and/or ban certain websites, social networks, blogs, and/or personal websites which may represent a threat to the government.

South African officials’ aspiration towards ban on pornography and pirated content is a world practice and there’s no denying it is a change for the better. At the same time these regulations draw a thin line that can be easily crossed at any given moment with bans on social media, blogs and knowledge bases.

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Better Safe Than Sorry

Overall, South Africa has not applied heavy Internet censorship yet. The authorities, however, have started to work on regulation laws which may result in freedom of speech restrictions. Privatoria offers a choice to overcome possible obstacles and continue visiting your favorite websites and share thoughts on-line.

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