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Mobile Security Guide
July 23, 2015

mobile security

Mobile security becomes a necessary step every smartphone/tablet user has to take in order to protect data on their devices. Many users are not aware that viruses can infect Android OS just as good as malicious .exe files infect Windows OS computers.

Great news is Android has Google Play which is supposed to lower the risks of installing a malware on your device. It is achieved by verifying every app that is uploaded to Google Play. It is both a blessing and a security loophole for intruders to hack into your device. When installing software from an unknown source, keep in mind that it could contain malicious code which means all your data might be in danger when you allow the app in question to access files on your device.

Privatoria mobile security guide


App Permissions

app permissions

Whenever you install something, be cautious with giving certain permissions to an app. Always check which permissions are required by an app and evaluate if it’s logical for it to have those. For example, a casual game would hardly need to have access to your documents or photos folder.

Block malicious Ads

Ads have floated the web in the recent years. Hackers naturally take advantage of that and hide malicious code behind those ads. Therefore, it is extremely important to block unwanted ads, especially if you visit many different web-sites.



Attackers often try to access your device remotely (it often happens when you’re connected to free public WiFi network). They would try to trick you by imposing malicious apps installs, cloning public WiFi network and more. To secure yourself from hacker attacks of this kind, it is recommended to enable VPN (at least when you’re connected to public WiFi).

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Privatoria VPN offers:

– AES traffic encryption

– complete anonymity on the web

– optional Tor integration

– support for all popular VPN protocols

– stable connection

To configure VPN on your device, follow one of this guides:

How to Set Up VPN on iPhone/iPad?

How to Set Up VPN on Android?

Anti-virus software

There are a lot of security software choices for mobile platforms nowadays. Most of these solution provide a functionality that you would expect from a full-fledged desktop anti-virus. These are some of the prominent ones:

360 Security

This Chinese company provides a free solution with real-time scanning. Developers claim 99,9% detection rate. It will try to find and nullify malware, spyware and adware. You can also find and fix system vulnerabilities with this tools. It also performs more trivial task like cleaning trash or offloading the RAM.

ESET Mobile

This is a well-know player on the desktop market. Many users reading this post have at least tried ESET anti-virus on their Windows PC’s. Mobile version. Latest AV tests shows 100% detection rate using this. Basic version comes free of charge and provides all the necessary functionality for an average user, such as real-time scan and malware detection. With premium version you get SIM guard capabilities and anti-phishing protection for $20 per year.

Avast Mobile

This is another well-known player on the desktop market. Many users use it on a regular basis. Mobile version also features a variety of security tools. The most prominent Avast Mobile feature is anti-theft solution. It basically allows you to control your phone remotely via SMS. You can lock it, start siren sound, wipe it and prevent USB debugging. You also get a firewall option if your device is rooted. This app is completely free which is great considering all the functionality it offers.


Yet another desktop player. Its mobile version stands firmly as well showing 100% detection rate judging from AV tests. You get all the necessary security tools like real-time scanning and malware detection using this. Interesting feature of Avira mobile is the ability to tell if your e-mail account has been hacked and compose blacklists. You get all that using free version. The premium option ads anti-phishing, regular updates and better support.


Many users would only require a standard malware protection and that’s understandable. IF that is what you are looking for, then you should definitely check AVL. It does not offer anti-theft or identity protection but you get a solid 100% detection rate and ability to scan different file formats (rather than just .apk files)


This is another popular anti-virus app for mobile phones, which protects your device from electronic threats and saves your battery. The Privacy Advisor option is capable of giving you detailed info as to what your installed apps are doing in the background without your knowledge. It also locks installed apps to hide your private information from hackers while you surf the Internet.


Mobile malware is real and it could be dangerous to underestimate hackers targeting your smart-phone or tablet. Hackers will always be searching for loopholes to hack into user’s devices and PC using viruses and network tricks. For that reason it is not recommended to use public WiFi networks, protect & encrypt your connection with VPN and check suspicious files with anti-virus software.

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