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New Android Secure Messaging App With Build In VPN+Tor and Anonymous E-mail (Beta)
September 8, 2015

Privatoria Android App

Great news for all Privatoria users and those who take care of their privacy. We’ve launched a beta version of Privatoria Android application.

Privatoria launched first Android App (beta)  


It is a unique mobile app that, unlike traditional security apps available on the market today, uses a complex approach towards protecting online privacy. It includes a secure messenger with voice calls, built in VPN with 10+ country locations, VPN plus Tor feature and an anonymous e-mail service. All in one safe place to protect your private life from prying eyes.

Secure messenger

Privatoria Android App. secure Massenger

Firstly, Privatoria’s application is a secure messenger. Users can communicate securely with end-to-end encrypted chats with friends, family and colleagues, make free voice calls without anyone having the ability to intercept or read your messages.

To start communications, the user should create a “secure chat” and invite a friend to join it by sending him a special generated ID.

 Privatoria Secure Chat app

The app uses WebRTC based secure and encrypted peer-to-peer connections between the devices. In order for this technology to transmit real-time data (audio, text), it encrypts this information using the Datagram Transport Layer Security (DTLS) method and then transfers it to another device using a peer-to-peer method. So, no data are transferred to the Privatoria server and nobody can access them.

Anonymous E-mail

Privatoria Android App. Anonymous E-mail

In addition, the user can also send secure e-mails through our Privatoria Anonymous E-mail service, which is also available with the application. The service is delivered using 256 bit AES e-mail encryption. Each new e-mail can be sent from a different IP address changing the VPN location.

Secure VPN

Privatoria Android App. Secure VPN, VPN Plus Tor

The Privatoria app also provides users with mobile traffic encryption on their devices via a VPN (virtual private network). The user can easily change and hide their real IP address from hackers and spies, unblock websites which are not available in their region, use safely public WiFi and surf from another country in one click.

VPN Plus Tor feature

One of unique features of this app is VPN plus Tor. It means that using only Privatoria app you can surf through the Tornet without installing a Tor browser. To activate the redirection of traffic through the Tor network, the user only has to check the Tor net in Secure VPN section. It is the simplest way to surf dark net today.

New Android Secure Messaging App With Build In VPN+Tor and Anonymous E-mail (Beta) 


Using the Privatoria app, people who are worried about hackers, thieves and others people snooping on their private life and conversations, can now put their worries to rest by downloading the Privatoria application from Google Play.

Click to install Privatoria Android App

Please note that this app is first beta version. We are open to your comments and suggestions. Everybody who tells us about their experience with the app will get free 7 days bonuses. Feel free to contact Privatoria support team to send us your feedback!

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  • The Hoff

    Why wont any log on I choose work while registering through Android app.Have tried dozens of 25+ random characters and their all taken. No way…?

    • Check that you use only latin letters or/and number in your login name

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  • erik karlsen

    neither VPN or TOR work in China ,

  • petval

    Does it automatically reestablish VPN connection on mobile network reconnect? Can you set it up to establish VPN automatically on wifis only and not on mobile networks?

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