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No Data Mining
June 16, 2015

No data mining

The Internet is great for studying, gathering/exchanging data and other fun stuff. We use it all the time for our daily routine tasks and pay little to zero attention to tracking services organized all over the web. These services record our behavior on the Internet and try to build up a profile on each user. Common forces behind it are marketing companies and government agencies seeking control over Internet users.

What does data mining mean for an average computer user? 


What is data mining?

Generally, data mining (sometimes called data or knowledge discovery) is the process of analyzing data from different perspectives and summarizing it into useful information – information that can be used to increase revenue, cuts costs, or both.

So what does it mean for an average computer user?

Basically, each user is spied on from the start of launching a web browser and visiting a search engine page. All major search engines heavily track their users through their search history and other services (e.g e-mail, social networks, mobile phones, etc.) they have access to.

To secure yourself from search engine tracking, you can try one of the top alternative search engines that do not track you. You can also use Privatoria’s VPN as an ultimate solution to make your identity anonymous on the web and use whatever search engines you please without the aforementioned consequences. But in this case you should also follow these 7 Tips when you use a VPN.

What are data mining techniques?  


Personal Info

The second level of Internet surveillance is made possible by users themselves. We often provide a lot of sensitive info when registering with online services (VPN providers are no exception). People give out their e-mail addresses, phone numbers, home addresses, bio info (e.g age, sex, etc.) which is quite a big deal. User’s private data security is guaranteed only by the service gathering these data. Unfortunately, most of these services treat our private info with little respect and sell it to any interested party.

For example, try to search ‘what does google know about me‘ and you’ll find dozens of links to posts like this one ‘6 links that will show you what Google knows about you‘.

Privatoria Web Security service provider does not require any of your private information. You do not even have to provide your e-mail address. Just enter any username and password to register with Privatoria and instantly start using the service with free trial!

Log Files

Now this is something the common user may not be aware of. Most services that provide access to the Internet (e.g ISP’s, VPN providers, etc.) are obliged to track their users’ activity and keep records on every user.

Technology Security

Privatoria web security service provider does not keep any user activity logs. Privatoria is not obligated to collect traffic logs. It is a company officially based in the Czech Republic. According to local laws, it is not required for such types of services.

So, we do not record your browsing or download history, we do the complete opposite: all of your Internet traffic is 100% encrypted which means not even our technical guys can view what you are doing online.

Statistical analysis and data mining

This is another tricky surveillance technique which is 100% legal and officially used only for marketing purposes. Any website which sells goods is potentially a #1 analytics user. The software is not very complicated and can be easily deployed (which makes it a must-have for a every Internet entrepreneur). It goes without saying that most of these marketing guys not always do not ask a website visitor for permission to spy on him. They use your cookies to track your online behavior, to display re-marketing advertising, etc.

Privatoria guarantees no data mining


Privatoria respects your privacy, therefore, we do not use any analytic software. Enjoy ultimate privacy with Privatoria!

You can check yourself if the sites you visit track you online. For example, the Chrome extension called Tag Assistant allows you to check if the site uses Google Analytics, Google Adwords re-marketing, etc.

Payment Methods

Many users buy stuff or pay for services online. It’s a normal practice and there’s nothing wrong with that. Bad news is you are not the only person receiving a payment receipt. In most cases the selling party would also get a copy and make it available to government officials upon request or paying taxes.

Privatoria does not need your receipt information. Therefore, you can always pay for your subscription with Bitcoin. It is one of the most anonymous crypto-currencies available today.

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Stay Safe

The Internet is full of tracking and data mining software and there’s little you can do without having your steps recorded.

Luckily, Privatoria offers a way out. You can protect your identity on the web by using Privatoria’s VPN for ultimate protection. You can also be sure that your PC is safe as Privatoria does not require any third party software to be installed on it. Privatoria also guarantees no backdoors.

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