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Online Privacy in Australia
April 21, 2015

australia on-line privacy

Australia is one of the countries where the government is trying to increase Internet censorship.

Tony Abbott, the Australian Prime Minister, has announced they are working with mobile phone companies (such as Telstra, Optus, Vodafone, and their resellers) to install  “adult content” filters on their phone services and ISP connections. Some years ago the Australian government banned more than 500 sites.

The Internet should be open to secure communications, on-line surfing and data transfer. Most Australians support this idea.

According to the research, young Australians are embracing measures to protect themselves on-line. 46% use secure email services, 16% use Tor or VPNs for anonymous web browsing and 50% set the browser to disable or turn off cookies.

46% Australians use secure email services


on-line privacy in Australia

16% Australians use Tor or VPNs for anonymous web browsing 


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The main reasons Australians use VPNs:

· Visit Torrent sites and download files

· On-line streaming content like Netflix, Pandora, Hulu, or Slacker Radio

· Protect privacy

While choosing a VPN provider, Australians should look for a service that preferably isn’t based in one of the Five Eyes country (Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, or the United States).

Privatoria, being a resident of Czech Republic, offers low cost complex security solution that includes:


· Tor integrated Proxy with 63+ server locations

· Anonymous E-mail

· Secure Chat with Voice and Video Calls

· Secure Data Transfer service

VPNs, not only avoid on-line restrictions, but they also encrypt all of your traffic. This means that nobody can track your online surfing, communication and data transfer. Even if your ISP blocks access to a site, by using a VPN, it won’t be visible that you are using that site or service.

If you just want to get quick access to banned sites or change your Australian IP address to another address in one click, we recommend using our Proxy service. Read more about:

What is the difference between VPN and Proxy?

For saving privacy in communication on-line, feel free to use Privatoria’s Anonymous Email service and Secure Chat solutions. What you are waiting for? 🙂

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