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OpenVPN MS Windows set-up guide
June 5, 2015

OpenVPN is a great and reliable technology. Many users opt for that. The tricky part about OpenVPN is that in most cases it requires additional software to work properly. In this guide we showcase Privatoria MS Windows OpenVPN set-up.

Set up OpenVPN on MS Windows


1. Download OpenVPN client from the official website (x86-64 is preferred if you’re on a 64-bit OS) and install it with administrative privileges

OpenVPN MS Windows set-up (1)

2. Copy Privatoria OpenVPN configuration file and paste it to the OpenVPN folder on your computer following the path “Local Disk C>Program Files>OpenVPN>config” (that is assuming you’ve installed OpenVPN client to default location)

OpenVPN MS Windows set-up (2)

3. Go ahead and agree to “Continue” as shown below

OpenVPN MS Windows set-up (3)

4. The basic set-up is already done!

OpenVPN MS Windows set-up (4)

5. Go to your start menu, find OpenVPN icon and right mouse click on it

OpenVPN MS Windows set-up (5)

6. Make sure this program is run by an administrator

OpenVPN MS Windows set-up (6)

7. Start the client, search the system tray icon and hit “connect”

OpenVPN MS Windows set-up (7)

8. Insert your Privatoria login credentials at the prompt

OpenVPN MS Windows set-up (8)

9. Congrats! You have successfully configured OpenVPN on your Windows box!

OpenVPN MS Windows set-up (9)

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