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Privatoria Guarantees No Backdoors
June 9, 2015


The Internet is a great way to explore, share information and communicate. There are thousands of apps designed to do just that. We embrace the Internet and it has now become a universal medium for virtually any common task you can think of. There are, however, certain challenges that come with popularity.

In this case, the idea of a global web is not positively accepted by the authorities. They gain more and more control over the web by deploying certain surveillance schemes and spying on users by checking social media, reading their emails, etc.

Unfortunately, there are even more advanced surveillance technologies in use today. Nowadays, you do not have to explain what a virus is or talk about malware in general. The level of awareness varies but every user would at least say that a virus is a bad thing and one should take some measures to protect their Windows PC from these types of programs. At the same time, not every user is aware of the backdoor issue.

So what is a backdoor?

Originally a backdoor is a way for system administrators to bypass normal user authentications and perform maintenance tasks. Unfortunately, this idea has been turned into a tapping technique so that the government can easily access any machine at any given moment without doing any sort of hacking. Some computer manufactures are forced to pre-install these backdoors on their computers.

Backdoor is a computer surveillance software


The Hidden Danger

The US government has criticized China for attempts to create backdoors in certain encryption protocols. This, however, does not mean they have not been doing this themselves for many years now.


Backdoors can also be hidden inside a legit proprietary software with closed source code (meaning you can’t see what’s inside the binary).

Major software companies have been suspected to cooperate with intelligence agencies. This means user data is in danger of being intercepted at any given moment. This includes chatting or communicating via VoIP clients, using email clients for mailing and installing VPN software to use the service.

On top of that, backdoors designed to be used by the good guys can potentially be found and used by the bad guys. The sole fact that systems are modified with a built-in backdoor leaves the user vulnerable to attacks.

Backdoors are allegedly being used by different intelligence agencies


There is a great number of on-line security services which require installation of their software to your computer. This approach makes it easier for service provider to do maintenance tasks and implement new features. At the same time you do not know what else might be hidden inside that executable file. Most programs of this kind would require administrative privileges to run which means any system resources are available to them.

But there are exceptions. For example, is a network security provider which does not require you to install any software. It is a service which provides secure communications, anonymous surf and secure data transfer. All security services in one place. It includes Secure VPN and Anonymous Proxy, which allow to surf anonymously, change IP, unblock sites, Anonymous E-mail, Secure Chat, Secure Call, Secure Video Chat for secure communications and Secure data transfer via FTP and Secure Data Storage.

Privatoria guarantees no backdoors


Three main ‘NOs’ for Privatoria are:

·  No data mining

·  No extra software

·  No backdoors

Privatoria does not require to use third-party software of any kind. You manage all the services through secure web interface.

· VPN and Proxy services can be configured using standard tools available in your OS and web browser of your choice.
· To use Privatoria Secure Chat you just need to open a web browser window and start the session, again no third-party software is needed to use it.
· Privatoria Secure Email also has a web interface. You can also use a native email client on your device of your choice with your Privatoria account.
· Secure Data Transfer and Secure FTP can also be used straight from the browser, no extra software.

It is easy to use, but more importantly it is 100% secure.

In such ways Privatoria guarantees that there are no backdoors and your online privacy is protected.

Privatoria takes your security very seriously and because of that we do not have any software downloads on our website aside the CA certificates and configuration files in text documents.

Try Privatoria free trial just now.

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