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Privatoria supports IPv6. What is IPv6?
September 28, 2015


There is a pretty complex technology that the Internet is based on. It has been evolving since the late 70s and has seen many different changes and upgrades over the years. Ipv4 is the original technology used to form and store IP addresses. Unfortunately, it was designed in such a way that it would allow a limited number of IP addresses to be created for the entire web. It goes without saying that the demand for new IP addresses is growing on a daily basis. It became evident back in the 90s that IPv4 will not be able to meet the demand of users. If you are currently looking for a VPN with IPv6 support, take a look to Privatoria.

IPv4 will soon be history because of IPv6



This is a successor to IPv4 protocol and features a number of enhancements. The most important upgrade that it brings is a 128-bit address (IPv4 uses 32-bit addresses) of the protocol. This allows more than 7.9×1028 times as many IP addresses as Ipv4. (IPv4 allows approximately 4.3 billion addresses). IT specialists around the world have been successfully deploying IPv6 technology for the last 15 years. In fact, it is already the primary IP addressing protocol in the US, Canada and many EU countries.

Other Benefits

Ipv6, among other things, can offer more reliable connections and better speeds. The reason for that is quite simple: the ISP won’t have to generate tons of virtual IPv4 addresses for their users and put them behind a NAT which takes quite a lot of resources and requires expensive hardware. Switching to IPv6 basically allows them to get rid of that and let the user access the web directly. An average user will see the difference right away and will not want to go back to using IPv4.

Privatoria supports IPv6

reliable VPN provider that supports IPv6


The number of ISPs offering their services via IPv6 is constantly growing and we understand that. With the latest security updates installed on our servers, we are glad to confirm that IPv6 is now fully supported on our side which means users connecting though IPv6 can benefit from more stable connections and better bandwidth. Users who are still behind NAT IPv4 shouldn’t worry as we support both protocols.


IPv6 is the future of the Internet and there’s no denying that it will eventually replace IPv4 completely. If you are using a VPN, you may want to make sure they support IPv6 and make a painless transition. You can also try Privatoria’s free trial, if you are currently looking for a VPN with IPv6 support.

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