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Privatoria’s Secure Solution for Staff
October 10, 2014

Working within the limits of your office may often limit you not only in space, but also in your internet browsing. As it often happens, your history of browsing is strictly monitored and then revealed. Of course, it all makes you feel uncomfortable about your privacy. Yet, there is a chance to become invisible to those who are keeping an eye on you. Privatoria for staff is a first-aid solution for office workers who do not wish to feel restrained.

Office manager

When the work is done and there are no new tasks to get down to, you may be willing to reward yourself with some private browsing. However, your office restrictions may prevent you from doing this. When the access to your favorite websites is blocked, Privatoria enables you to visit them despite certain access restrictions within your company.

Privatoria for staff has been created to deliver the following services to office workers:

  • Secure VPN and Anonymous Proxy, Anonymizer that enable you to surf anonymously, change IP, unblock sites, hide your browsing history and surf the net without being tracked.
  • Anonymous E-mail and Anonymous Chat allow communicating with other employees so that your history of messaging isn’t sniffed into.
  • Secure data transfer via FTP and Secure Data Storage – while working from your office PC, you may often find yourself in need of storing your personal files in the cloud so that no one could get an access to them. Privatoria enables you to store all your data on our secure server and share them through a secure data transfer service.

Privatoria for staff is an excellent chance for office workers to benefit from unlimited browsing and streamlined privacy. Get your free demo trial and try out the performance of our all-in-one product for free!

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