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Russia blocked professional network LinkedIn
November 18, 2016


Professional network LinkedIn is officially blocked for Russian community due to country legislation. According to Russian protection law all personal data of Russian users’ should be stored on local Russian web servers. That was not the case with LinkedIn Corporation. Thus according to the latest statistics over six million Russian people were cut from LinkedIn society. This is the first but probably not the least US-based social network that was literary blocked.

As stated by BBC “Social media has played a critical role in organising opposition protests in Russia. Such sites have also become an increasingly important alternative source of information, as state control over traditional media has increased.”

So what’s next? No despair without hope! There is always a way out and people who make a part of global network community cannot be isolated. IP changing tools such as VPN and Proxy unlock new horizons allowing people from all over the world to stay connected and bypass any geo-restrictions in one click.

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