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Security Trumps!
November 16, 2016


Oh, we do hate to write anything (commonplace or eye-opening) on the topic everyone is sweating over right now. Like a character of one detective novel, we’d like to wait a bit and see consequences and implications from a distance, as it were. This vantage point facilitates better and clearer vision of things that are too close to us at the moment being and deem so monstrous that we cannot see anything else behind them. We miss the whole forest behind the nearest trees…
The same is with Trump victory. There will be too much scum on the surface of the world mass media for the next few days / weeks / months, maybe… And we don’t want to add our spoon of tar into the barrel of honey (though the notorious person does look like this round-shaped vessel).

We’d like to recollect the situation that frightened the hell out of us just some months ago. It’s Brexit. We read, heard and uttered heaps of premonitions, frightening forecasts and gloomy predictions. So far, no one is eaten by this monster alive… The same might concern the “Trump Advent”, in general.

But there are some points that do evoke much worry, at least from the point of view of our professional Ego, as we’re deeply concerned with issues of security, both online and offline. Let’s leave offline matters to the specialists (thanks God, we have secret services, armies, police, etc.) and ponder about online security.

In the virtual world, though detached and ethereal, everything is closely connected with the real one. After the abovementioned happening in the global politics, we’ll surely have to deal with numerous protests of opponents who openly disagree and oppose the Regime. And their numbers will definitely grow. The advent of such a contradictory figure onto the political Olympus will influence (no doubt, both positively and negatively, as Life is unpredictable) the global situation. It will determine how safe and secure some places, actions and words will turn out to be, after such a drastic “anti-social deed”, like Trump’s election.
The Web is more or less independent, but still, it can be controlled and tracked down, to some extent. The question is, to what extent, and the answer depends upon the policies of Those Who Rule the World. In the case of President Trump, it can become outright radical, just like any action or word he has undertaken or uttered recently.

We believe that sooner or later, we’ll have to think about measures to protect our privacy from unwise, non-reasonable political decisions, just like we secure our devices against hackers. Nowadays, we literally live online and must take care of proper protection while communicating on hard burning issues in politics, making significant purchases, or just surfing the Web for pure entertainment.
In this case, online services providing secured channels of communication, anonymity of connection, encryption of data and access to blocked sites, irrespective of the state of affairs in big-time politics, will come in very handy! If you have to resort to making yourself invisible while surfing the web, you can use VPN or Proxy to hide or change your IP address and remain anonymous, to get access to blocked sites, to protect your data against identity theft, etc. Sometimes it is required to Download Software on users’ PC to get the best of anonymity and security. VPN / Proxy can be combined with Tor and give yet more complex and reliable methods to protect privacy of your online activities.

Let George Orwell rest in peace and do not bother him with tyrant’s replicas, red-haired caricatures and pale imitations with tanned faces!

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