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Setting Up OpenVPN on Ubuntu Linux
May 25, 2015

Open VPN is a popular implementation of the VPN concept. Many users embrace because of its stability and user-friendliness. Privatoria provides Open VPN support on every major platform. In this tutorial we will showcase Open VPN set-up on Ubuntu Linux. For this particular tutorial we’ve taken Xubuntu (official Ubuntu derivative with the same code base and repositories but with different desktop environment, basic panel layout is similar though) 14.04.2

Set up Privatoria OpenVPN on Ubuntu


1. As of version 14.04 Ubuntu network manager only comes with PPTP VPN protocol support pre-installed. To use Open VPN, an appropriate plug-in must be installed. To do this, open your terminal emulator (press Ctrl+Alt+T or search in the menu), type in “sudo apt-get install network-manager-openvpn” , hit enter and type in your user password.

OpenVPN Ubuntu set-up (1)

2. Go to your Network menu (located in the right upper corner by default). Choose VPN connections>Configure VPN
OpenVPN Ubuntu set-up (2)
3. Choose to add a connection from the newly appeared window
OpenVPN Ubuntu set-up (3)
4. Choose Open VPN and click “Create”
OpenVPN Ubuntu set-up (4)
5. Gateway represents the VPN server location you want to use. Go to your Privatoria account settings, choose a country to want set as your VPN location and insert appropriate gateway into the gateway field in the Ubuntu VPN settings. For this tutorial we’ve chosen USA VPN (gateway “”). Choose “password” for authentication. Insert your Privatoria username and password in the appropriate fields and import CA certificate you’ve previously downloaded from your Privatoria private cabinet.
OpenVPN Ubuntu set-up (5)
6. Click “Advanced” and make sure gateway port is set to “1194”
OpenVPN Ubuntu set-up (6)
7. After that go “Security” tab in the same “Advanced” menu, insert “AES-128-CBC” ,“AES-192-CBC” or “AES-256-CBC” for cipher and “SHA-1” for HMAC Authentication. You may also give a specific name to your VPN connection like “Privatoria-OpenVPN”
OpenVPN Ubuntu set-up (7)
8. Once you have completed all the above steps, go to your network connections again, choose VPN connections and enable newly configured OpenVPN connection that we have dubbed “Privatoria-OpenVPN”. Your network manager icon will change its appearance for a moment. Once the icon is static again, verify if there’s tick beside your VPN connection.
OpenVPN Ubuntu set-up (8)
9. You may also want to make sure your IP has changed when you launch your browser. To do that, go to any IP checking web-site and see your location.

OpenVPN Ubuntu set-up (9)

Congratulations! You have successfully configured Open VPN on Ubuntu 14.04.2

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