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Social Media Banned in Turkey. How To Unblock?
April 6, 2015

Turkey blocked twitter

The hot topic of the recent days on the internet is the Turkey government’s decision to block certain social media websites, most notably Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. There is no official statement regarding this decision from Turkey’s officials as of now but suggestions have already been made that certain members of the government are not satisfied with the content published in these media. During 2014, government officials stated some content was inappropriate and had to removed and a numerous number of requests have been made from Turkey’s side to Twitter support.

Ban Again

This ban celebrates the “anniversary of social media ban” in the country. Back in March of 2014, country’s authorities banned Twitter and Facebook because users were spreading allegations of corruptions in the face of upcoming elections. The ban had later been removed, mainly due to massive protests of the Turkish citizens. The history now seems to repeat itself and this time there’s no assurance of ban removal.

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How to unblock twitter in Turkey 2015? 


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