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The Hidden Dangers Of Free VPNs Or Why A Good Service Costs Money
May 6, 2015

Threats of free vpn providers

The demand for Internet security in 2015 is pretty high. People need to secure their data, private communications, etc. VPNs have become a universal solutions for all of the above and more. With this technology, we no longer have to worry about web surveillance and hacking threats.

Unfortunately, not all VPN services can be trusted and most of those are free. This does not mean that everything free (meaning gratis) is bad by definition. You can get popular web-browsers and media players free of charge and that does not make them a threat by default.

The Hidden Dangers Of Free VPNs Or Why A Good Service Costs Money


VPN, however, is a completely different story, and in this article we will showcase a few facts to back up this statement.

Connection stability

Most Free VPNs do not guarantee a stable connection. Basically it means your real IP address might get exposed at any given minute. The worst part is that you won’t even know about it until you check your IP. Your Internet traffic will also be exposed the same minute the VPN connection is lost.

Free VPN services have limited hardware capabilities and basically cannot provide service to a large number of users at the same time. That is why glitches are possible which typically result in connection losses.

Privatoria guarantees a stable VPN connection at all times. Your VPN won’t fail you when you use our service.

Connection Speed

With a free VPN you are most likely to struggle loading a basic html website. This is again due to hardware limitations of such services and forces you to avoid peak hours.

To give you the idea of how professionally those services are managed, try to imagine a Bachelor IT student who built a budget PC and set up a VPN channel to go through it. Most of the time this is exactly how those free services work. Henceforth, the quality of the service and, most importantly, customer support leaves much to desired.

Privatoria can guarantee that your connection speed may be limited only by your ISP and not our VPN. And our support team is always ready to communicate with you.


Most free VPNs offer their services in a bold state and often without any set-up tutorials. This means you have to figure out the set-up process on your own and possibly read a lot of different network documentation which does not play very well for people with little technical knowledge.

Privatoria values your time. Every day our engineers strive to make the service as simple as possible for you, the end user. You get an intuitive interface with all of your settings and instructions in one place.

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Who’s behind?

Those who offer free VPNs do not explain why they offer their services free of charge. And most of times they won’t have to because users like free stuff, we all do in fact. But in this case you really need to be cautious about free things as some free stuff might be offers with bad intentions.

Those VPN providers offer no info about traffic or channel encryption. This means they can potentially monitor all of your Internet traffic, trace every step you make on the web to later sell anything like gmail accounts, credentials or even credit card numbers to any interested party.

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Privatoria guarantees 100% security and anonymity. Data leaks are not possible when you are using our service because all of your internet traffic is string encrypted. Our engineers don’t even have the ability to decrypt the content. We also have a no log policy.

The conclusion

At the end of the day it is clear that not all free stuff is good, especially when it comes to online privacy and security. Most free VPNs cannot be trusted and may represent serious security threats.

Therefore, if you value your private data and web-life, try to avoid using such services and let Privatoria take care of your web privacy and security.

Privatoria is low cost VPN service. Pricing starting from 2.1 euros per month (if you buy 12-months subscription) up to 2.9 euro if you prefer to pay for VPN monthly.

You will be also able to buy VPN with Bitcoin to be totally anonymous.

Privatoria offers 10+ server locations for VPN service: Germany, USA, UK, Singapore, France, Brazil, Egypt, Japan, Chile, etc. Privatoria VPN is Tor integrated.

Low cost VPN service with the most popular server locations


It should be noticed that Privatoria is complex network security service. It also provides Tor integrated Proxy service with 63+ server locations, Anonymous E-mail, Secure Chat with Voice&Video Calls and Secure Data Transfer.

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