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To play or not to play? That is the question VPN can answer!
September 22, 2016


Are you an advanced gamer voracious of new applications, international playing tournaments & online battles? This material is a must-read for you (for some, it will become an actual eye-opener)!

Online Jungles

Playing online games is the inseparable part of life style for present-day youth. It’s cool, exciting & instructive, that’s why many gamers cannot imagine a single day of their life without playing their favorite games.

Unfortunately, this great pastime can be accompanied by numerous online predators & dangers, like Wi-Fi hackers, identity thieves, cyber offenders, and other Internet criminals. Using non-protected Internet connection is like wearing a T-shirt in public with your name, address, phone number & credit card details printed in front of it!

What is VPN & why you need it

To communicate with international gamers from other countries without any hassles, to unlock virtual borders to the world of games & to secure online safety while being absorbed by a new gaming application, one needs to undertake a simple step – to employ online protection, via VPN technology.


You see, Joker also favored anonymous games! 🙂

Well, what does it mean – to be secure & protected online, with VPN?

Picture this:

You’re traveling on the long-awaited vacation to, say, Madrid, & waiting for your transfer flight in the airport. You get the urgent message that your team has been invited to participate in online championship of paramount importance in 2 hours. Will you cancel the trip & return to your secure computer at home, or join the game directly from Wi-Fi spot in the airport?

Being a gamer, your answer is obvious, but it might happen so that on arrival to Madrid, you find your bank account blocked or, even worse, emptied… Any life-saving ideas? Sure! One is VPN protection.

Privatoria is the best security solution for gaming!


There are many VPN-based solutions to online security problems offered by different companies. Among them, there’s the only company that employs complex approach towards privacy protection – it’s Privatoria. Even layman users without technical background can manage various online threats due to simple-to-use Privatoria services.

Try to accomplish the gargantuan task of being secure online via 7-day free trial service (VPN+Tor) from Privatoria! Check the advantages for yourself!



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  • Olivia

    For me VPN is an ideal tool to change IP address and have a possibility accessing restricted websites and their services. As you know, not everybody can enjoy online video games due to censorship rules. So, VPN is very helpful when I need to bypass such restriction. I tried a number of VPN services to find an ideal one. Some of them reduced my internet connection speed, others provided unstable and week channel. Now I use Privatoria and stay satisfied It has easy software and quick bandwidth, provides impressive security results. Good job!

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