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How To Use TOR Without Tor Browser?
May 8, 2015

Privatoria Tor Proxy

The Onion Router, or simply TOR, is a popular network of servers that enables Internet users to browse anonymously. It has become a widely-used solution for those who seek web anonymity and want to feel safe and secure on-line. A lot of people trust TOR with their private information and rely on it. Today we talk about TOR, its peculiarities and the benefits it provides.

People who are considering using it should make sure they really need it. The first point to be made here is that TOR does not offer Internet security, it offers anonymity.

TOR offers anonymity, not security


Why do people seek anonymity?

We use the Internet because of the various reasons: some users work on-line, some look for entertainment, others study on-line, etc. Not every user needs a tor proxy service.

Here are some prominent examples of users who generally would not benefit from using TOR:
· those who watch kitties on YouTube
· those who read Wikipedia articles
· those who study in their college libraries
· those you use Google to find a plumber in their area

All of the above examples can be comprised into one category, that is those users who have nothing to hide and no secret info that a hacker can possibly steal from them during “a man in the middle attack”.

Other category of users obviously includes those who consider their web-browsing data sensitive enough to think about anonymity and security. Some examples here are:

· bloggers and heavy social media users who post and chat a lot and do not want third parties to access their chat history or hack into their account to post ugly stuff
· people who want to access banned web-services or web-sites (Netflix, Sportify, Facebook,etc)

· activists use Tor to anonymously report abuses from danger zones

· businesses use to keep business strategies confidential

· media, militaries and ordinary users that want to protect themselves and their private data

If you are considering using Tor proxy server, you have to take into account another major point: the connection speed will decrease when using TOR because of the way it works (your Internet traffic goes through the network of TOR-connected computers and, henceforth, your Internet traffic is not associated with you).

Internet connection speed decreases when you are using TOR


The last major issue with using tor proxy software is that you most likely have to use a TOR web browser. Privatoria understands the importance of the TOR concept. Our engineers carefully crafted TOR technology and made it possible to it use without a TOR browser and in ensemble with Privatoria Proxy service.

Using TOR plus Privatoria Proxy doubles your chances for anonymity and makes it practically impossible to trace your Internet browsing habits back to your real IP address.

How to use Privatoria Proxy with TOR

Using Privatoria TOR-integrated Proxy is now easier than ever. All you have to do is enter your private area on the website, choose a Proxy location and enable the TOR option. After that it’s just anonymous browsing, no complex setup or third party software needed.

Privatoria Proxy currently offers:
· TOR integration by default (can be disabled with a mouse click)
· 63+ countries for connection
· User-friendliness, no technical tweaks needed, just set up your user preferences and browse anonymously

Privatoria is TOR-integrated


TOR proxy server is a great option to provide anonymous web surfing and hide your IP address. It can slow your Internet speed, though, and make you wait longer. Privatoria has an answer to that as well: you can use our Proxy with or without TOR being enabled. This gives you an option to experiment and choose what’s best for you by trying both options at the same price rate.

Ultimate Solution

Privatoria also offers a more advanced solution that not only hides your IP address but also encrypts 100% of your Internet traffic making you invisible on the web with high speed quality.
At the moment we offer VPN servers in:
· Germany
· UK
· Singapore
· France
· Brazil
· Egypt
· Japan
· Chile

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Do not leave your web traffic vulnerable to attacks and protect your privacy today using our Proxy and VPN free trial!

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