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TOR through VPN. The Highest Level of Anonymity
June 3, 2015

Tor or VPN? Which one is better? The dispute is over! is announcing a big update, which is an important event for the Tor-community around the world. Tor or VPN? Here is a great solution. We are presenting a solution for  connecting to the Tor network through the VPN server Privatoria, thus providing double protection and maximum ease of use without any additional software.

Privatoria is the simplest way to browse #TOR sites and #DeepWeb 


How it works?

Tor VPN how it works

 Tor or VPN? No, Tor + VPN!

Tor is one of the most popular ways of providing online privacy

More than 2.5 million users connect to the Tor on a daily basis. According to the recent Tor Metrics data, 14% of users are residents of the United States, 8.7% – of Germany, 6.2% – of France, as well as Brazil, Russia, Spain, Italy, Great Britain, Poland and Argentina, which are included in the Top-10 countries directly connecting users.

This can explain the increased concerns about personal safety of users on the network and the constant attempts of the authorities to control the Internet, blocking access to undesirable resources.

Roscomnadzor regularly blocks sites and groups on social networks in Russia. China’s great firewall blocks Wikipedia, social giants Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, etc… Iran closed access to social networks, Wikipedia and many political sites long ago. In such cases, Tor, proxies and VPN providers play a major role in overcoming the network blockade.

Hackers periodically find loopholes to identify Tor users. How to avoid it?

Tor is a very reliable way to ensure anonymity, but hackers periodically find loopholes to identify users. So, in July 2014, Tor developers informed the network about the attacks, which has disclosed 6% of all users over the past five months.

The decision allows to protect themselves from such intrusions. To be hacked via Tor, you must first be identified. Tor only sees the IP address of the Privatoria VPN server.

Privatoria does not have any information on you, because we do not keep logs and do not require your personal information. Therefore, in the case of a theoretical compromise of the Tor, you will be additionally protected by the threshold of the VPN.


Easy to use

There are other advantages to this solution. At the moment, surfing through Tor requires you to download and install a Tor-browser and adjust certain settings. Often it is quite difficult for an ordinary user to do this.

You need to have at least a basic understanding of the functioning of the network. With Privatoria,  even users without technical knowledge have the opportunity to redirect their traffic through Tor in any browser and any OC without additional software.

In addition, this type of connection allows users to hide from their ISP. It is important to note that not all Tor nodes are always working. Privatoria checks, in real time, chains and only provides access to known working Tor nodes. So stop choosing Tor or VPN.

Set up Privatoria TOR plus VPN

It is pretty easy to set up Privatoria TOR plus VPN. Basic instructions do not differ, the only thing you have to change is insert this gateway “” instead of a standard one. Your location will be changed dynamically every 10 minutes or so.


The advantages of using VPN plus Tor

·   Increase the value of Tor through dual user protection

·   Working with all browsers and operating systems without installing special software

·   Hiding the fact of using Tor

Start using Privatoria VPN plus Tor free trial right now!

If you have any questions, feel free to ask us in comments.

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