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Tor+VPN is the ultimate privacy solution
August 6, 2015


Many anonymity seekers may already know what The Onion Router (TOR) is.

For those unaware, here’s a brief explanation:
Tor is a free software for anonymous communication between computers. Onion routing utilizes encryption in the application layer. In other words, Tor is a network of server computers that are used as a path for Internet traffic. The query travels a long way from the user’s PC to the website. The feedback query travels just as long (or sometimes longer than the original query). The point is that the feedback path is different from the original path; which means the traffic will try to use a different server (Tor Node) each time.

Many users know and love Tor for Open source and its gratis nature. However, due the to complex configuration and set-up process, most users can only use it in the form of a Tor browser or specific OS (Tails or Whonix). This brings a lot of pain with it and forces users to use specific software. This can often be uncomfortable and will imply a learning curve. Needless to say, it might discourage a lot of users and turn them away from Tor.

How It Works

We, at Privatoria, understand the importance of Tor and want to make it easier for an average user to access and use it. For that reason, we have developed a convenient Tor implementation that is integrated within an encrypted VPN.

This how it works:

Privatoria Tor plus VPN
The request is sent from the user’s machine to the Privatoria VPN server via a secure encrypted channel. The VPN server automatically routes that traffic through the Tor net using random Tor nodes to provide optimal security. In such a way the user gets double protection. The connection is protected by a Privatoria VPN encryption layer and by the chain of Tor nodes. This happens invisibly to the user.
The IP address is changed every ten minutes to provide the highest level of security.

Why Tor alone is not enough

Tor is a great open source technology. It offers encryption and changes your IP address every ten minutes or so. Unfortunately, it has certain flaws as well. One of the key points of the technology is openness. It is both a great benefit and a vulnerability. The vulnerability parts allow anyone to become a Tor node. It basically means that certain parties interested in tracking a definite user might set-up a Tor node and prioritize it to be an enter node. That is how Tor can turn against you and track you instead of making you anonymous.

Tor user identification is a complex and yet possible affair. That is why Privatoria engineers designed a VPN+TOR technology. You can use Tor and be sure it will not reveal your real IP address or your web history. Even if the enter TOR node gets compromised, it will not affect the user as it will only be possible to track the query down to the VPN server which is 100% encrypted and won’t lead any further. Therefore, an intruder will waste a lot of time and effort just to get to the VPN server.

Key Benefits of Privatoria VPN+TOR technology are:
– 256-bit AES encryption
– Configuration does not differ from a regular VPN (you only need to change the gateway)
– Tor can only see the address of a VPN server
– Cross platform compatibility
– Privatoria does not keep any user logs which means you’re completely anonymous

VPN+TOR is your ultimate protection!

Privatoria VPN+TOR provides a unique experience letting you use your favorite TOR and get extra protection with a reliable encrypted VPN.

Try Privatoria VPN+TOR today for free!

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