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What Can You Buy With Bitcoin?
March 26, 2015

If you are reading this post, most probably, you know what Bitcoin is. But if not, here is a short introduction.

Bitcoins are one of the most popular crypto-currencies. It is a totally anonymous payment method.

As Bitcoins are a currency, so a lot of businesses accept them as payment. You can buy a number of things with it, from the pizza delivery to jewelry and cars. But mostly, a lot of products and services which provide tools for online privacy and security accept Bitcoins as an anonymous payment method.

So, let us talk about the numerous ways you can spend Bitcoins.

What Can You Buy With Bitcoin?  


Privatoria secure services

Of course, we will begin our list with Privatoria services which provide online privacy. As a truly anonymous service, Privatoria accepts  Bitcoins.  The subscription for one month only costs 0.0104 BTC and you will receive the benefits of:

Secure VPN for anonymous surfing (hide and change your IP address, encrypt all of your traffic).

Tor integrated Anonymous Proxy which provide 63+ server locations. It is the simplest way to use Tor and to visit the Darknet sites without installing any additional software.

Secure Chat with Voice and Video Calls. It’s a great solution for truly anonymous  private life surfing and conversations.

Secure Data and Message storage (+FTP). This service allows you to transfer the data and short messages (credit card details, passwords, etc.) using AES 256-bit end-to-end encrypted storage.

• Anonymous E-mail that enables you to get secure e-mail encryption so no one can  access your files and messages.

Everyone can easily buy Privatoria services with Bitcoin in one click.

You can buy with bitcoin proxy vpn, anonymous email, secure chat and secure data transfer

Microsoft services

One of the largest software companies Microsoft added Bitcoin as a payment method for a variety of their own on-line products in the end of 2014. According to the company’s site, US  users can now add money to their accounts with Bitcoin. Then they can be used to purchase content like apps, videos and games from its Windows, Xbox  and Windows Phone platforms.

microsoft accepts bitcoins

Physical goods

There are a number of sites offering real physical goods for Bitcoin, but they mostly accept payments on-line.

Popular e-commerce platform Shopify added a bitcoin payment method for its merchants in late 2013. With a base of over 70,000 on-line stores, the number of goods that can potentially be purchased with bitcoin suddenly expanded significantly., for example, offers a wide range of products from air conditioners to watches.


Fiverr is one the most popular freelance platforms for creative & professional services. Freelances from all over the world offer different services, beginning at a price of $5 per job. Most popular categories are design, on-line marketing, writing & translation, making video, music and programming. fiverr

Bitcoin gift cards

If you can’t find online or physical stores that accept bitcoins, the simplest way to turn your digital currency into ‘real-world’ goods and services is via gift cards.

A lot of gift card businesses accept bitcoins and these cards can be used at a surprising number of major retailers like Amazon, Walmart, Starbucks, Nike, etc.


Payment application Square

SQUARE is developing a mobile application that replaces the cash register. In one of the new versions, the company’s partners will be able to accept Bitcoins. The payment is instantly exchanged into dollars and will go into the bank account. If the buyer wants to return their purchase, you will receive the same amount of Bitcoins.

Bars and restaurants

Bars and restaurants that accept Bitcoins remain the exception rather than the rule. But if you are determined to transfer digital currency into a plate of fish and a glass of cold beer, then there are simple ways in which you will find a good cafe for yourself.

The service Coinmap has a global database of companies of this type.

Bars and restaurants that accept Bitcoin

Pizza for Coins

For example, this service makes it possible to order a Domino’s pizza with your Bitcoin. How it works?

Check location. You put in your address to check if your local pizza place of choice is open and delivers to your address. Upon verification that they deliver to your address, you choose what kind of pizza you want to order. Then at checkout, you are given the Bitcoin Address to send payment to. That’s all. The service is available for USA, UK and Canada only.

buy dominos picca with bitcoin

Bitcoin.Travel is also a highly respected website offering lists of accommodation, apartments, sights, bars and beauty salons all over the world.


But if you don’t want buy anything with bitcoin and need cash, you can get it from Bitcoin ATMs. You can find it in such countries as China, Czech Republic, USA and others. Take a look to Bitcoin ATM map to find the nearest one.

bitcoin cash atm


Tell us in comments, please, what interesting goods or services do you buy with Bitcoins?

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  • Chuck Morris should really be on the list. Bitcoin only discounts on top of Amazon’s price.

  • Noob questions… how do I earn bitcoins in the first place? I’ve also heard of Bitcoin mining.. how can they just be out there for people to mine? How do we know that Bitcoin is here to stay?

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