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What Determines The Speed Of VPN Servers?
June 25, 2015

mapWe, at Privatoria, often get inquiries from our users about the speed of VPN servers and different performance rates for each individual server. In this article Privatoria network security experts cover basic Internet connectivity principles and how they affect VPN server performance.

The Internet has really become a universal connection medium. People chat on-line, use social networks, send e-mails and more. Not all users (especially young ones) know what the Internet really is. It is alternatively called the World Wide Web and there’s a reason for that. In essence, the Internet is a very large network of connected computers that both serve and access data via optical fiber cables.

The Wire

Internet fiber cable has 7 protection layers


The network of connected computers known as the Internet began growing in the late 1960s. It is needless to say that someone has to lay all the wires. Fiber cables have been laid across the world including the ocean floor. It takes a couple of thousands of kilometers of this wire to establish connection between Europe and the USA and even more to connect the US West coast and Japan.
There are 7 protection layers on top of the fiber. This makes it one of the thickest cables being manufactured.


Network strength

The fiber cable provides lighting-fast connection speeds but only to those who connect directly. It so happens that the strongest signal is in the Eastern Asian region (Japan and China), the US East and West coasts and Western Europe.

Others connect to fiber via additional infrastructure (those cables are not that fast). The Channel width also matters. For example, there are not so many fibers laid in South American and African regions which makes the signal weaker.


Fiber and VPN servers. What determines the speed of VPN servers?

VPN speed depends on the fiber coverage


VPN servers being regular computers use Internet connection as well. VPN server performance heavily depends on:

– the fiber coverage (the closer a VPN server to a dedicated fiber cable the better)

– user location (users located in UK would have a better experience using a Germany-based server rather than a US-based one)

– VPN protocol being used (OpenVPN would perform faster than Tunneling solutions)

– additional security bundles (VPN+TOR performs slower than a standalone VPN due to usage of TOR network of computers which most likely use narrow channel for connection)

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For example:

– a VPN server located in Africa would not perform very well due to poor fiber coverage in the area

– a VPN user located in Malaysia which uses USA-based VPN server would also notice some lag as Internet speed is not all that great in Malaysia

How to get a reliable VPN?

Privatoria provides high quality VPN connections. As of now you can choose from 11 VPN servers located in different countries all over the globe. You can also use VPN+TOR to have a dynamic address that changes every 10 minutes and use Tor without installing Tor browser. You can also set up a VPN connection using native settings in your OS or OpenVPN client.

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Choose what’s best for you

What is the fastest VPN server?

The main point here is that the Internet is not equally available in different part of the world. If you are a USA or Japan resident, you’re all set but people in Nigeria or Ecuador are forced to use slow connections.

VPN technology is not an exception. Due to its complex nature you will loose speed anyway (up to 10% is still lost even if you are in favorable conditions we described above). Things like fiber coverage and VPN protocol are also important.

Therefore, choose your VPN carefully to have the best possible experience. Start using Privatoria VPNs today!

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