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What does Google know about you and how to stay safe?
August 4, 2015

The Internet is a great place to search, buy, learn things, invest and more. Each user benefits from using the web in many ways. Unfortunately, there’s a flip-side. Set-up and maintenance of all services that you use everyday cost a lot of money. The source of income for such search companies like Google is not necessarily obvious. The answer is actually pretty simple. Google logs every search and builds a profile on each user to later show ads to them (based on their search history).

Google gathers different sorts of data about users. This is a full list of Google tracking services:

Google Search History


This is the most basic info Google can get about every user. It contains every search request and every link that was clicked from the search results. You can view your detailed search history by following this link .

Google location history


In case you didn’t know Google keeps the data about places you visit if you carry an Android device with location services enabled. You can check the full list of locations you have visited by following this link .

Apps and Extensions


A lot of Android apps and Google Chrome browser extensions may also track your activity and log what you are doing online. Google lets you view that info by following this link .

User Profile


Google has a a tool called Google Analytics used for marketing purposes. Any website owner can integrate it with their site and track a user’s behavior. The good news is that you can tell it not to track you (but you can have to do it for each site manually) by following this link .



When Google launched its social network it was huge, many people had high hopes for it. It did not perform the way it was expected but it still gives Google a solid share of user’s personal data. If you provide your real name and other info Google can link your search history and preferences to your real self, rather than an anonymous individual with an IP address.

A Google account is not limited to Google+. It also incorporates your YouTube account, Gmail, Google Docs, Calendar and possibly more. All of these services provide extensive information about you. All of these things are done to serve relevant ads to a certain user. Search results that Google gives to you may also alter depending on your history and preferences. For cleaner search results, you might consider trying DuckDuckGo search engine. You can find overall statistics about yourself here .

How to avoid online tracking

An obvious choice would imply giving up Google search and all Google services. If you are willing to try that we advise using alternative search engines that do not track you

Those who opt to leave Google for good will benefit from using these Privatoria services:
Secure chat – text, audio and video encrypted chat with no logs and total security
Secure e-mail – dedicated encrypted e-mail box for your private communications
Secure Data Transfer – to transfer files over encrypted channel
Secure FTP – store files on encrypted FTP server

Needless to say this is not what most users look for. Those who want to stay with Google and preserve their private info will benefit from using a VPN service.

With Privatoria’s VPN you can:

– disguise your IP address – no one can trace your web activity back to your IP address (meaning they won’t have a clue who they have to serve ads to)
– encrypt 100% of your traffic – your browsing history will appear as a bunch of encrypted symbols even to your ISP
– access banned resources like Netflix (you can choose your IP address from many world locations)
– protect your passwords and credit card information

One thing’s clear, the web knows a lot about you. Not every user will care about it or be afraid of exposing some info. Most users, however, might get irritated because of the constant ads showing up every time they search for something. Solution to protect privacy does exist, and it’s virtually one click away!
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