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What Information Do We Know About The E-mail Sender And The Recipient?
April 7, 2015

find info about e-mail sender

We all use email every day. It is a common activity for most people, even the most basic Internet users. We send emails to our friends, relatives, associates, coworkers and business partners. A natural desire of all email users is to preserve confidentiality of their mail.

It would be disappointing to find your private mail leaked on-line.

What information do we know about the email recipient? Email tracking

While it could take too much effort to get the content of your emails it is far easier to track it and get some additional info as well. There is a number of tracking services that openly offer email tracking (MailTrack for Gmail, Yesware, etc.). You should only install special extension to your browser.


With the help of these extensions you will be provided with the following information:

·   when the recipient opens an email

·   what device is used to read a message

·   if you send an email to few recipients, then you will know which of them and when will open your letter.

On the technical side, it is pretty simple to do it yourself:

if you want to track an email that you send, you put a link or an image with an embedded link inside of it. That link will ping back to the server where the image is located, allowing you to check when the email is opened.

How to check if you’re being tracked?

Just to check if you’re being tracked, you can use the Gmail ‘Ugly Mail‘ extension for the Google Chrome browser. It will show which email came with hidden tracking features. The sad thing is that most of those emails will track you even without you opening them so deleting them will not change all that much.

What information do we know about the email sender?

One simple way to get information about the email sender is to search for it through a search engine 😉 You can easily get information that is relevant to the address: social accounts, forums or directories where it was used for registration or as contact information.

How to identify the email sender?


On the other hand, any person who has good IT knowledge can get the IP address of the email sender. It is the most common private information used.

What is an IP address?

Computers and other devices that are connected to the Internet are assigned unique identifiers known as Internet Protocol (IP) addresses to identify and communicate with each other.

But what information does an IP address contain?

· GEO location of course (not only a country, but your real address down to your street)

· ISPs have all of the information on the IP holder (name, phone, contract number, etc.)


What can you possibly do?

Privatoria Anonymous email offers double protection for its users:

· 256 bit AES text and data encryption

· Encrypted secure SSL channel for sending your emails

· Hide IP service

How to send email anonymously?

Privatoria VPN service lets you change your IP and, henceforth, your GEO location as well. With our VPN enabled, we detect your real location and simply report your pretend-to-be IP to other servers.

The popular example is the latest scandal with Partap Davis. He went to sleep just after a late night playing World of Tanks. While he slept, an attacker undid every online security protection he set up and stole his money from his Bitcoin wallet. But the hacker was not identified, because he used a VPN. In such case the address of VPN provider is the only thing visible, not any other information.

It’s only an example of how anonymous you could be to the rest of the world with an activated VPN.

Privatoria respects your privacy

The World Wide Web is expending every day and it comes as no surprise that the Internet has some hazards as well. Email hacking and tracking is a problem we all face to some extent. While most of the tracking is done to later sell stuff to you it might as well be used to help the NSA spy on you or give your info to any interested party for a certain price.

Protect your online privacy with Privatoria. Start now and enjoy the free trial!

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  • John

    Great post! Thanks. I’ve checked if my mail is really tracking and was unpleasantly surprised…(

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