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Why Flash is dangerous? And how to protect yourself online?
August 27, 2015

We all love the Internet and the benefits that we can get from using it. Adobe Flash Player, also known as Shockwave Flash Player, is of the long-living multimedia technologies that are still used today. It is a technological base for streaming online videos, audio and even used for online gaming. The Web has changed a lot over the years and Flash is obviously lagging behind. Most of the users don’t care as long as they can still watch kitties on YouTube. The issue, however, has a bit broader nature.

The end-of-life date for Flash


Where did it all start?


Adobe has been facing criticism since the initial IPad launch. The late Steve Jobs stated quite a few times that their flash player has security issues; for that reason, IOS devices will not include flash support, relying entirely on html5 technologies for online audio and video playback. We can make a strong guess that Adobe has not rectified those issues up to this point as there is still no support for flash in modern IOS gadgets.

Why is it dangerous?


The Flash Player by itself represents no danger. However, it is built in such a way that makes it pretty simple to convert this piece of software into a loophole for malicious program installs or back-doors for unauthorized access. This theory has been proved numerous times in real life when regular users were¬†offered to update their flash and agreed to install a virus instead. This is true for both Windows PC’s and Android-based smart-phones.

The Latest News


Adobe Flash has recently received a fresh portion of criticism. Facebook’s CSO Alex Stamos criticized Flash Player and advised Adobe to announce the date when Flash will stop being developed and supported. The call was later supported by the Mozilla company which has blocked Flash plug-in in the Firefox Web browser and stated they will be doing so until Adobe fixes recently found vulnerabilities. Apparently, Adobe has made a few changes since then as the flash plug-in is no longer blocked in Firefox. The potential for future failures remains nonetheless.

How People get around it


The simplest solution is to delete the flash player from your computer and watch YouTube using an HTML5 player. Sadly, only few services like YouTube and Vimeo fully support HTML5 and let you stream videos thought it. Other less popular resources still require Flash; not to mention online gaming websites which rely exclusively on Flash.

If you have no choice but to install and run flash you should:
– only install it from the official website
– update it regularly
– use HTML5 where possible
– use an anti-virus software

If you value your private information and want to stay safe online, it is also a good idea to disguise your presence on the web and use our Privatoria online security suite which includes:

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In Conclusion

The Flash Player was a great technology for its time. Over the years it has become a basis for a great number of web services that we know and love today. Unfortunately, it does not seem to cope with issues and threats present on the web today which means sooner or later it has to go. The transition process has already stared. However, while it is happening, be sure to secure your computer if you are using Flash.

You can also try Privatoria’s free trial and secure your private info while browsing online.

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