Business account is under construction. Soon you will be able to try demo version of Privatoria business account. 

Protecting your business information should be one of the top priority tasks, especially if you are deeply concerned about the security of your data. Nearly half of all business data is now stored in the cloud. Data disclosure, hacked access to confidential files, business accounts and documents – it may all be the results of poor security measures taken. 

According to publicly available information collected in the Breach Level Index, hackers kidnap 80,000 records every hour.

Yet, business data protection is not an issue to compromise or leave as it is. To help businesses take care of their data security, Privatoria has created a safe environment that protects your information and files in complex, dives deep into your business roots and blocks any vulnerable gateways from abusers.

Features of Privatoria Business Account:

  • Secure business environment on a separate domain (
  • Access to all the services that Privatoria offers: Secure Chat, Secure Call, Secure Video Call, Anonymous E-mail, Secure VPN, Anonymous Proxy, Secure FTP, Secure Cloud Storage.
  • With all your business needs taken into account, Privatoria enables limited use of services for certain groups of employees.
  • Group audio and video conferencing.
  • You choose an administrator who accesses and manages data in a protected environment of your company.
  • Adding your employees to the secure environment of your company and ensuring ultimate data protection.
  • It is extremely easy to manage the services as no technical expertise is required. You can thus protect your data easily and securely.
  • Software integration on your company’s server and transfer of all the managing rights to your technical experts.

At now you can try out the performance of Privatoria for personal use. Get your free trial now and operate your data more confidently.