FAQ for Affiliates

1. What is Privatoria affiliate program?

Privatoria affiliate program is an online performance-based marketing solution, which rewards its partners for successful result-oriented promotional activities, such as sales.

2. How do I apply for Privatoria affiliate program?

When you register you will get a referral link, this unique link will redirect visitors to our website, if any visitor buys our subscription you will earn a percentage of the sale (commission).

3. Does it cost me anything to start earning?

There are no startup charges or membership fees or anything of the sort associated with becoming a Privatoria s.r.o. affiliate. Affiliation is absolutely free of charge. Plus, the more sales you generate from your links, the more income you will get.

4. Where do I get links to put on my site?

When you signup to become an affiliate our team will review your application. Once activated as an affiliate, you can start adding product links on your website. Links are automatically generated with your embedded affiliate ID. All you need to do is copy-paste.

5. What are your commission rates?

Take advantage of this unparalleled opportunity to earn generous 40% starting commission on our award-winning security products.

6. Do I receive FULL commissions on my renewals?

Yes, when a customer’s license expires, and their automatic or manual renewal is successful, you will receive your full commission for the sale.

7. How will I know when I have made a sale?

Anytime you make a sale you will instantly receive an email that contains information about the sale. This allows you to keep track of your sales on a daily basis. The amount shown in the order email is the total price. You just earned 40% of that figure.

8. Which payout methods are available?

  • PayPal
  • Wire Transfer
  • Bitcoin 

9. What are the general payment terms?

Each payout is a subject to a 30 days hold period since we have a 30 day money back guarantee to ensure our clients are happy with the product they receive.

10. Do you have creatives?

Creatives will be available within your affiliate account, “Creatives” section.

11. Refunds

If a customer is fraudulent, e.g. pays using a stolen credit-card then your commission will be reversed. In the event a customer is found out to be fraudulent after we have already paid you, we will take the commission for this order away from your next payment cycle.

12. Support

We will support you starting from the very first moment of your interest in our Affiliate Program.

13. I have another issue not covered in FAQ

Our knowledgeable affiliate managers will be happy to help you with any assistance you request. Just email us at